SteemAlive Presents: "7 days Product Review". Review products everyday for a week. Contest Prize: 70 Steem

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Goodmorning friends and welcome to another week of activity in SteemAlive community. Mondays are for contests and we would like to announce a brand new contest for this week. You would have been waiting for this contest. We call the contest 7 Days Product Review. We believe you would find it funny and educative too. Lets get into the details.


The Contest - 7 days Product Review

You must have gotten a clue from the name of the contest. Yes, in the next 7 days, you will be reviewing products for us. Each day, you select some products to review from a list we will provide. We would like you to provide as much details as you can for each product. First of all, here is the list from which you do the review:

Vegetable oil
Corn Flakes
Tin Tomatoes
Bottle Water

New Categories added
toilet Tissue

What you need to do

You will make 1 review post each day for 7 days. Select 3 Products from the above list and review 2 brands each of the 3 selected products. For example, if you select Soap, you will review two different brands of soap. So each day, you will review a total of 6 products - 2 brands each from the 3 categories you selected. At the the end of the 7 days, you must have reviewed 21 products. Your review should be as detailed as you can do. Your review information should include:

  • Name of Product and clear image of the product
  • Name and address of Company Manufacturing it, plus NAFDAC no (check body of Product)
  • Product Ingredients/ Active (check body of Product)
  • Your experience using that particular product/ Or interview someone that uses it and write their experience (Provide enough information)
  • How to use the product
  • Any Side effects/ Or indications


The rules

  1. You need to be a verified member of SteemAlive community.
  2. You must publish each post in SteemAlive Community with the title: : "7 days Product Review Day 1 - add your topic here"
  3. Drop a link of each post as a comment on this post
  4. For each day you drop a link, you must comment meaning fully on at least 1 other persons entry. A total of at least 7 comments. Short comments like "Nice story," "Great work you did," etc will not be counted.
  5. You have to Subscribe to our community.
  6. You have to vote and resteem this post to help create awareness
  7. Your first tag for each post should be productreview


How winners are selected

Please provide a detailed review of each selected brand. It will determine your winning rate

  • Engagement: You must make 7 meaningful comments in all. Short comments wont be counted. Your replies to comments on your post wont be counted. But if you reply all comments on your post, we will rate you higher.
  • Detail: Short posts would score you lower. Each post should be at least 300 words long.
  • Formatting: At least use justify alignment and centered headings to make your work look neat
  • Originality: Please only use your own images for this contest


The Contest Prize - 70 Steem

The total Steem Prize is 60 steem. Here is how we have arranged it:

  • 1st Position: 17 Steem
  • 2nd Position: 13 Steem
  • 3rd Position: 9 Steem
  • 4th Position: 6 Steem
  • 5th Position: 3 Steem.
  • 6th Position: 2 Steem
  • 7th - 26th: 1 Steem Each.

1st - 10th positions will have their posts submitted to Booming for additional support if they did not get support from 01 after 6 days. We will try to vote upvote at least 2 posts from each participants posts with the community trail

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

Note: You can suggest other product categories which we can include in the list above.


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This is going to be an interesting week.
Let me get working

This week will be chocked of too much sauce ooo

Alright…. Let’s go there

Wow! steemalive is coming up with interesting contest.I like to participate on this .

Wow , thank you @steemalive for a nice contest that come on the right time,I'm with you through out this contest 😂😂😂😂

Wow what a great work to start, steemalive@, keep making us proud, educative and exposed.

Nice contest I love love to participate. But this one hard too. In fact my head dey hot so.

Thank you @steemalive for this contest i will be participating big... Thank you again


Thanks a lot @steemalive am really happy for this contest.

This is contest will be fire for fire, well i mean interesting

Thank you for the steem-alive contest it so lovely


This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest Listing

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@steemalive here is My entry for day 1

My link to day 1 of the 7 days Product Review on SteemAlive

This is one of the best contests I've ever seen. Hoping to participate

Great contest.

@ steemalive, Please I suggest more products to be added. Products like
Soft drink
Malt drink
Beverage chocolate

Thank you

@steemalive, Please I suggest more products to be added. Products like
Soft drink
maggi & spices
Malt drink

Good evening @steemalive here is my entry for
Day 2


It is good, it stay for 24hr before vanishing

@desiredlady I had a body spray that stayed that long and I think I should review it. You post is presentable, you are doing great.

My link to day 2 of the 7 days Product Review on SteemAlive

This a great contest. Let me get to work and good luck to all participants
#twopercent #cameroon

I hope I’m not too late for this great contest but anyways I’m diving in. Good luck to you all as well.

Good evening everyone.
@steemalive here is my day 3 link

My link to day 3 of the 7 days Product Review on SteemAlive

Wow @steemalive what an amazing contest ,I really love this ,kudos to the brain behind this let’s get busy again.

Goodevening everyone.
@steemalive here is my day 4 entry

Good day everyone

@steemalive here is my entry for day 5

Goodevening everyone
@steemalive here is my entry link for day 6

Wonderful contest, i will participate in this amazing contest and soon you will see my entry.

I have noticed something which should be corrected in the post.

CC: @focusnow, @ngoenyi, @bright-obias


Thank you for being observant. We will do the needful immediately


You are welcome dear.


I think you entered the wrong link for your contest. Pls check it out


Thank you, i have corrected it.


You are welcomed.

Good day everyone
@steemalive here is my last entery


I think you uploaded day 7 but write day one. Check again


That was an error
Thanks for stopping it our, it's corrected now.
Hope you have a nice day while wishing you the best in this contest


I did. You are welcome.
Thank you