Urgent Reminder: Help steemcurator accounts to work more efficiently - Do not mention them in your post!

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There is an ongoing campaign which this post wishes to bring to the attention of our lovely community. This campaign will make it possible for the Steem curator accounts to function more efficiently. So its time we as a community make sure to contribute to the smoothing running of things here. So what is it all about?

Do not Mention Steemcurator accounts

Many people in our community do mention steemcurator 01 and 02 at the end of their posts. Some mention booming and other big accounts like trafalgar. Many do this to draw the attention of the big accounts to their post. Some other newbie do it because they saw others doing it. Whatever reason for doing that, this post is intructing all SteemAlive members to stop mentioning these accounts. When you mention them, they get automated notification that your post wants their attention. Now imagine if there are 1000 posts per day mentioning the curator accounts, that would be a big job not so? So please, since these accounts are used in a scheduled manner to support authors, mentioning them will bring you no votes, or other rewards.


What Should I do now?

1. Stop mentioning steemcurator01 or steemcurator02 or booming in your posts.
2. Stop mentioning steemcurator01 or steemcurator02 or booming in your comments

Who can I mention or what should be at the bottom of my posts

For posts made in SteemAlive community, you are free to mention the following:
@steemalive, the community account. You can mention the Nigerian country reps: @focusnow, @bright-obias, @whitestallion. We will be happy to check your content since we have a manageable size.

More important, all your posts in SteemAlive community can carry the community footer to help us advertise the community. Here is the footer below:


:::Whatsapp :::join trail


Having understood the above issue, write a comment under this post to show that from now on, you will quit mentioning the steemcurator and booming acoounts. Lets do it

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Thank you


I was new and just added you. Before reading this post, I thought it was a must. Please excuse me, I wouldn't want to bother you this way. I'm fixing it right now. I wish you good work.

Corrections Noted @steemalive !
... I affirm not to mention the steemcurators. And I will abide by this rules.
Best regards

This is a good post, people need to take this serious...thanks for this post.

Wow this was interesting post, thanks for the eye opener 🙏 henceforth I will not do otherwise to the request made from this post, and I will also spread the news to other community members

Thank you for officially putting up this post for everyone. I have come across this information and hence stopped mentioning those above mentioned accounts. I have also taken steps to enlighten my recruits and also consciously stop mentioning steemcurator/Booming accounts.


Thanks for this. Henceforth I would stop tagging the steemcurators account and I will also inform my recruits to also stop mentioning them

I will stop mentioning the steem curators

I read this post and I am happy to let you know that I have not said anything about the personalities you talk about

Ogbajie Joseph Agwu,

Thanks for the notification, personally I do like all the tagging that some of us Steemians do and I have tried telling some persons that it is not right. This is the right step @steemalive and @ngoenyi.

I will stop mentioning the curator in my post ....

I will abide by the rule

Greetings @steemalive,

Thank you for the notification.Henceforth,I would refrain from mentioning the steemcurator accounts unless the occasion demands.


I have read and comprehended the said rules..
Therefore I promise sincerely to abide by those rules..

@steemalive that j you for this reminder...
I have taken corrections already not to mention the steemcurators. And I will abide by this rules.
Best regards

Henceforth I’ll refrain from doing that

i will abide by the rules...

Thank you @steemalive for this updates. I will stop mentioning steemcurators in my posts so their accounts can function more efficiently without disturbances.

I have read and understand the importance of the above issue. I'll not mention these accounts in my posts to allow them work more efficiently without undue distractions.

Well received.
Henceforth, I will desist from mentioning the names of curators as advised.
Thank You

I adhere to the instructions given, and I will stop mentioning their name and I will also spread it across to others.

I will from today henceforth stop mentioning them in my post.

Thank you ☺️

For a post to be made on this topic by @steemalive, it means that it must have been very bad, the rate at which people have been mentioning those accounts.
I write this comment to let you know that I won't mention those accounts ever. 🙏

I cross my heart🙅. No more mentioning of whales again. I'll keep engaging and making posts till they notice me

I won't even mentioned it again, thank you for the information.

@steemalive. Thank you for that correction, it's noted. Henceforth I will STOP mentioning the steemcurators in my posts, to enable THEM function more efficiently.

This message is well received,I will adhere strictly to this

Hello @steemalive,

Noted, henceforth, the steemcurator accounts wouldn't be included. Thank you for notifying us.

I just wrote my first post and added the person you mentioned. I thought it was a must to add these two accounts. I even thought this account was a bot. If other accounts don't stop doing this, newbies like me might think it's a must. Sorry to add it to my post and bothering it. Now I'm going to edit my post again. Thank you for notifying us.

Thank you steemalive for this correction and eye-opener..

I will abide by the rules not to mention the Steemcurators in my posts so as to enable them work more effectively...

I've read the instructions above. Thank you so much @steemalive.
I therefore resolve not to mention their names any longer in my post.
I wouldn't want my recruits to do that.

This is a good information to we all, because for the sake of efficiency they should be allowed to do their work easily

OK... Thanks for this notice

I have started abiding by the rule. Thank you @steemalive.

Thanks so much for this information