We are glad to announce our brand new community - SteemAlive! Here is our introduction post.


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It is with great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment that I @focusnow make this introduction post on behalf of my team, to introduce our communinty @steemalive to friends on this amazing platform. This Introduction post marks a strategic point in our journey to have an organied group and community, with a well-defined goal and objective. This introduction post will be a little detailed, hence patiently read till the end so as to have a complete picture of what we hope to accomplish on Steemit.

To make it comprehensive, we will have a table of contents so that you can quickly jump to some desired topic or sub-topic. Here are the main things we will cover:

1. Whom we are
2. Our community
3. Recruitment plan
4. Retention Plan
5. Reward plan
6. Progress Report
7. Country representative for Diary game Season 2 and country team
8. Support us
9. Conclusion

1. Whom we are

SteemAlive was formed by a group of friends from Nigeria. We have met, some in person, while others through blogging on Steemit. A good number of us are new people that started blogging not too long ago. However, our leader and founder is a seasoned entrepreneur and IT trainer who joined Steemit on February 2018. Our Team is made up of 6 persons, and together we have decided to form SteemAlive. Here is our team profile below:


Charles Okeke - Founder @focusnow
Becky - Team member @beckie96830
Faith - Team member @talktofaith
Daniel - Team member @iamdanny
Nmesoma - Team member @mesonia
Faith - Team member @dlioness


2. Our Community

We have selected a name to identify our community. We call it SteemAlive. The inspiration behind this name is the believe among some that Steemit and the Steem blockchain is dead. There are still others that have never heard of Steemit before. So both for doubters and new people, we want to announce that Steemit is alive, active, vibrant and growing everyday.

Here are the links to our account, community and website:

Account: @steemalive
Community: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-167622
Website: http://steemalive.com/

2.1 Our Vision

We see a future where Steemit is the number 1 social media platform in the world. We see a future where Steemit has powered mass adoption of blockchain technology in modern society. We see ourselves in this future and we are happy to work towards that goal. This is our vision.


2.2 Our Mission

Our mission is to take Steemit to every house in the world. We want Steemit to become a household name. We will use all marketing strategies to create awareness for Steemit and the Steem blockchain. If we can get and retain 1,000,000 new users to Steemit in the next few years, we would have accomplished our mission.


2.3 Our members

We started recruiting and on-boarding new people less than 2 weeks now. This was wholly done by the founder, with assistance from team members. Here is a complete list of our recruits and community members so far.

@beckie96830 @venon
@talktofaith @rexgeorge
@iamdanny @thequill
@mesonia @samaria
@dlioness @harrygwec
@smartup @cassieijay
@symplypresh @onyx96502

A total of 14 members from the effort of few persons in less than 2 weeks. We hope to grow this list at a faster rate once we are through with setting up this community.


3. Recruitment plan

We are already using some of the methods that will be discussed below to get new people to steemit platform. We plan to expand on these methods and add new ones to help us widen our reach. Below are ways get new people:

3.1 Website

We invested money to get our brand new, mobile-responsive website. Our website address is: http://steemalive.com/. We know that many people browse the internet and a nice-looking website would be a great we to reach out to people and spread the news. Among other things, our website has a resource center - http://steemalive.com/beginner-guides/. This page will feature tutorials and how-to guides to help fresh people kick-off from basic things like creating their account to advanced things like formatting. Here is a screen grab:


The resource center will point new users to tutorials that will help them learn fast, such as those tutorials made by @cryptokannon. We will update the resource center soonest. Our website will direct people to Steemit and also mentor them on what it is all about. That is part of our recruitment plan.

3.2 Social Media

We will take advantage of various social media platforms to create awareness. We run sponsored ads on Facebook and plan to increase our budget for that. we also plan to use our individual social media accounts such as twitter and Whatsapp to promote Steemit.

3.3 Commercials

We will run ads on popular Radio stations in our area. We also hope to appear on TV programs to speak about Steemit and create awareness.

3.4 Referrals and networking

We encourage our members to refer their friends, family members, workmates, schoolmates and others. If each member tell their people about Steemit, that will result in duplication of effort and increase in the number of potential new recruits.

Our target is not just to recruit end users, we will target investors too. We will look for people that are willing to put their money on Steem power and get ROI. We will also target skilled users that will use Steemit as a medium to promote their career or profession. Hence, we will employ both traditional and digital methods to promote Steemit and recruit new users.


4. Retention Plan

It is much more easier to recruit than to retain, so we will work hardest to retain the newbies we got and always be with them in their journey as content creators. Here are some of our retention strategy.

4.1 Community votes

We will hope to grow our community account as fast as we can so that it will have the ability to vote with value. We have solid plans for the upcoming SPUD for the month of August. We will make sure to support our members especially newbies, with votes so that they will have a reason to keep coming back to create content. When our members see that their efforts are being rewarded with votes, they will be motivated to stay.

4.2 Daily/weekly Contests

As a community, we will hope to keep our members busy by running contests regularly. These contests will be not only be an opportunity to engage, but also to reward winners with prizes. This will also serve as an avenue to motivate and retain them.

4.3 Physical and Virtual Meetups

We will hold regular meetings to motivate and encourage our members. Because of the COVID-19, we may hold less physical meetings, but more virtual ones. We will take advantage of videoconferencing apps such as ZOOM to ensure that we meet at least once every week. These regular meetings will be an avenue to stay in touch with our members, discuss challenges and the way forward.

We hope to include other strategies as time goes in order to make sure that we not only retain our recruits, but also make them active on the platform.

5. Reward Plan

We hope to encourage outstanding members of our community with rewards. When we appreciate the efforts of hard-working people, they are inspired to do more. Here is our reward plan.

5.1 Community Votes

As was mentioned before, we will support our community members with votes. While we will be fair with everyone, larger percentage votes will be given to outstanding performers to motivate them for further action.

5.2 Awards

We will give awards to recognize the effort of all in our community. Our awards will go especially to outstanding performers. We will leave it at the team's discretion to decide on the nature and value of awards. But generally, our awards will include physical gifts, Steem or SBD giveaways, free IT trainings, etc.

5.3 Referral/Retention Bonus

We hope to reward our members for bringing their friends to Steemit. We will call it referral bonus. This will motivate everyone to work harder and bring in new people. We will also reward our members whose recruits remained active over a specific period of time - say 3 months. We will call that retention bonus. This will motivate our members not just to bring their friends, but to help retain them.

We hope to come up with other innovative ways to reward our members in the course of time.


6. Progress report

In an effort to measure progress, we will publish a progress report once, to show what we accomplished as a team that week. This will serve to inform all, celebrate small success, as well as motivate our members to do more. This report will be made every Saturday of the week, unless otherwise indicated.


7. Country representative for Diary game Season 2 and country team

We do not know if the final Country representative for the Diary game season 2 for Nigeria has been selected. If the position is still vacant, we use this opportunity to apply for that. Our team of 6 members will form the group. We hope to receive the opportunity to use one of the @steemcurator01 accounts to vote for all Steemians from Nigeria. If we will have to make another formal post to apply, we will do that as fast as possible.

We also want to use this opportunity to apply to participate as team of 6 in the upcoming Season 2 of the Diary game. Again, if we will need to make another post (formal application), then we will do that after consulting @cryptokannon.


8. Support us

The size of the task ahead of us requires significant funding. We have already spent on Web design, Mentoring and recruitment. We will be very glad to receive any support from you our dear friend reading this post. If you can send us Steem or SBD donations that would be fine. We will soon form a curation trail with our @steemalive account. We will update this post and ask that you join our trail if you wish. Also, we will gladly accept Steem Power delegations and other forms of support to carry out this huge project. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


9. Conclusion

We thank you so much for reading up to this point. We started very small, but we hope to achieve great things on this platform in the nearest future. We celebrate the small progress we have made and hope to achieve more. We want to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology using the Steem blockchain. We want to be part of Steemit success story. Together we can achieve it.

Thanks once again, to you all. Kindly resteem this post if you can.

Special thanks to:

Written by: Charles Okeke @focusnow
For: SteemAlive Team

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Wow!! What a privilege @focusnow i am delighted to be a member of this team and community at large;

I pledge to commit to this community , stand for and with it for a maximum success,

Thanks to @steemexclusive @cryptokannon @focusnow @yohan2on @steemitblog @steemcurators

Your supports has always been the reason i am still standing here


It's been a great experience working with you @dlioness. I thank you for your amazing contribution to the team. Continue to do more for us and together, we win.

The vision and purpose of our community is clear!!! I'm so glad and honoured to be part of the team even as a newbie that is why, I can assure my fellow newbies that this the community for them

Mesonia ❤️


@mesonia an advanced Newbie indeed! You have do so well in just few days of being with us. We hope to achieve greater things together as a team and as individuals.

@steemAlive, yes i am glad and honoured to be a part of this great community and project.
We are already working towards our goal. With our team leader and amazing founder @focusnow, we are on our way to the top.


@talktofaith. You are one of our most active member. We cannot achieve what we have achieved without your help - all of you. The future is bright you us and SteemAlive. Kudos for your efforts. Keep it up.

Thank you very much for this great opportunity to be part of a growing community. We are all going to be great team members in achieving our vision and mission for the community.



It's great to have you as part of our team @beckie96830. We are going to achieve amazing things together. Thank you for your hard work and we hope you will do more!!!

I am so glad of @steemAlive and honoured to be a part of this great community and project.
Special thanks to:
for making all this possible

  ·  작년

I didn't know there was such a large African community on Steemit. I don't feel lonely anymore.

This is a great initiative @focusnow I hope you will get all the support you need to fuel your team effort and project.
In regard to Country Representative, The Steemit Team will announce the details for application in the coming days. Just keep following their latest post for that announcement.


Thank you @cryptokannon for your encouragement. We will keep on working hard to achieve our goals. Keep up the good work you do on this platform.

Dear @steemalive

Thank you for sharing link to this publication with me @focusnow. You surely have some solid project going on here.

I can only hope that you will manage to find time to manage your community. Based on my experience - community need to give it's members few things. One of the most important is: sense of belonging. And it's also crutial to ensure that members have some things in common. Nationality is not going to be enough. It would help to focus on few common topics, which your community would share interest towards.

If it will be community supporting pretty much anyone, writing about anything - then I don't see bright future, simply because engagement level will be very low.

Yours, Piotr


Thanks for the encouragement and support all along. There could be things that we may not get right. But we hope to twerk a some things as we move on. We will show determination and hardwork as we push this project together. We appreciate your kindness once again. @crypto.piotr

Wow! Wow! Wow! @focusnow you're such an amazing founder of this great community. What a privilege and honour to be a part of this great and unique community. We have indeed moved, we await the next big thing, because the growth of this community is compare to none. There's no stopping us, we keep Moving.




@harrygwec. You are such a wonderful part of us. You desire to overcome initial challenges is next to mine. We hope to succeed together and achieve our wildest dreams. Thank you for all you have done.

Woooooow, what a great work @focusnow. I so delighted to be part of this community. You are doing a great job here. Success for us all

Onyx cares


@onyx96502. You are one of our latest member's, but you have shown your desire to be here. We encourage you to work as fast as you can to learn more and engage with others. You can always count on us for support.

Good initiative.

For reference teams for Season 2 of The Diary Game can only have a maximum of 5 members.

There will be more news about Country Representatives on @steemitblog soon.

The Steemit Team


Alright thank you for the update. We will have 5 persons for the team of Diary game season 2. We will keep on checking for whatever new directives as they become available. @steemcurator01

This is a well organized team with a lot of plans for Steem. Love the graphic designs and can't wait to see how far we all will go with the 3Rs during the Diary Game Season 2


Thank you so much @thegreens. We appreciate your kind words and admire the enormous work you do with your thegreens project. We hope to grow like you. We will be glad to support your project and help Steem to grow together. Thank you once again for sharing your time with us.

Wow!!! This is so amazing. I'm so happy to see how far all your efforts has brought us. More grace and wisdom. The future of steemalive is bright and we'll surely embrace greatness. Thanks to @cryptokannon for all your wonderful support and encouragement.


@marydexplorer. We are indeed glad to have you as part of us. Together, we all will join hands together and achieve greatness. Thank you for your kind words.

@steemalive, I'm eSTEEMed to be part of this great community, though it's only starting up. It definitely brings value considering the spike in membership over last few days.



Thank you @doppley. We are glad to have you here. We hope to put hands and resources together to help newbies as they join. We will assist you in many ways and hope you will extend the support you got to others. Welcome our our SteemAlive Community.

  ·  작년

this is a kind of team i wish to belong
you guys will go a long way


Thank you for your kind words @otike. We will offer all the support you need to grow on this platform. Together, we can take Steemit to the moon. Thank you for joining us.

This is an excellent initiative. Well thought out with good presentation. Congratulations.


We are glad you found value in our project. We thank you for this support and we look forward to collaborating with your project to push Steemit to the top. As we create more value here, Steem as a cryptocurrency will grow and all of us will be glad we made a contribution. Thank you once more for sharing your time @ask.steem

Nive one

plz i am nigeria how can i join the team,?

Wooow...This is absolutely a very educative platform. Special kudos to the founder @focusnow and to every team member. Although still new here, I have great great interest in joining. Please how can I become a member?🤝🤝

Is there room to ask you something, for example fb, telegram and discord

Wow! Very intriguing introduction and initiative. Kudos to @focusnow and all the members for this community. I wish you more arms to your elbows to be able to achieve your target

It's said that the journey of a thousand miles started with a step and this step you've taken, two head they say it's better than one and team work pays more than personal effort, I'll like to use this opportunity to say I'm glad to be part of your team. The goal is clearly stated and as an entrepreneur the ability to see the future and plan towards it is what makes you outstanding, as this project #steemalive kicked off we're going to achieve massively. Thanks for the opportunity to serve, I'm honored let's steemalive @focusnow and #teamsteemalive


Thanks @iamdanny. We can achieve great things together. All we need is determination and commitment. Thanks for your contribution in the success so far recorded.

Wow, I love this community especially its vision of making Steemit number one social media platform in the world and the mission of taking Steemit to every household. I wouldn't hastate to give my support to the achievement of this vision and mission.

I like this great idea.

Wow wow wow, the new development in this community is making me feel over excited,and even make me to become more and more active.thank u @focusnow I promise to create awareness on this great platform called steemit.💪we are stronger together 💪

I'm glad to be here and hope to explore my options

This is awesome innovation ❤️

I never know this SteemAlive Community to be so BIG like this, I will always support the progress of the Community and abide by their rules. Success all the way SteemAlive!

It's a great move

Such a great community with great vision. Big ups.

I am so proud of this community, thanks to God that iam part of you, it is a privilege.

This is an amazing vision am so glad about this new plans. Thank you very much for the good work you are doing.