Welcome to our LID reporting for today Tuesday 20th October 2020.




It's another great day to capture events live and direct as they happen. Welcome to a new day. It's 5.37am local time. Your LID report starts now. Capture that beautiful sunrise, street, city bus, fast food, child playing on a toy, queue at the bank, domestic animals, amazing beach sand, etc. We want you to be creative and fun in your reporting. Capture these events and report in the comment section and we would be happy with your work.

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How to start

We prefer to start in the morning, although you are free to provide updates at whatever time you met this post. However, we will like to have the first LID reports to be something in the morning, from there, you are can hop in and drop other LID reports as the day runs down.

Start with a clear selfie of when you woke up or just you in the morning. So for each day, the first LID reports should be a morning selfie. Remember you must provide the Location, Date and time. Then as the day progresses, you are free to make 2,3 or more LID reports.

Engagement is what we want to achieve too through LID. So as much as you make your LID reports, also enjoy the reports of others by replying their comments and interacting with them. Remember, we want to make it fun, educating and informative.


The Rewards

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 has been supporting our community in a large way, we hope they will give upvotes to any interesting LID reports in the comment section.

Make at least 1 of 3 reports - morning, afternoon and evening, and engage with at least 2 other reports to win 0.5 Steem every day

We will send you 1 Steem if you are able to make up to 15 rich comments on other people's reports.

Community Suggestions and further

This is just a new project we developed from the live reporting we enjoy when we see the news in the media. We hope that more suggestions will flow in the coming days from all of you. We will think about the suggestions and implement the finest ones. We will mostly leave it up to you to decide what to report. But in some days, we might want you to cover a specific subject such as city traffic, weather, street report, Religious report, events and anniversaries, etc.

Support LID

There are many ways you can support LID. A kind upvote to our LID post each day is a fine way to begin. Outright donations of SBD, Steem or any other crypto is welcomed. You can join our curation trail or add @steemalive as a beneficiary of your posts. You can resteem our LID posts since we will make them each day.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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location : Awada Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria.
Date: 20/10/20

Good morning follow LID reporters. @eberechi10 reporting, sound in health and hope you're too. Hope your night was ok, mine was too. There was no rain last night and this morning. I had my morning devotion already, won't go out today in time. I promise to keep you updated. Do have a splendid day
#twopercent #nigeria


Nice hearing from you this morning @eberechi10 good to know you're in sound health.


Good morning it's Kool knowing that you are sound this morning


Good morning @eberechi10... How are you this morning.. Hope u are cool. You said u won't go out early today.. Hope all is well


@eberechi10 you are not looking bad this morning is bliss seeing your are reporting great this morning.
Have a nice day.
Stay safe.


Hi @eberechi10 good to read your LID report.I am happy you are in sound health.
I had a good night rest too.
I am expecting to hear more from you.



Good morning boss.. Wish you a great day today


Thanks and you


Hello @eberechi10 up and grateful, can't wait for updates from you today. Nice to read from you this morning

#twopercent #cameroon


Good to know that you're ok . Promise you will

Time : 8:08am
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda
It's a bright sunny morning here, what about your area? I had a good rest at night too. I'm about to go prepare breakfast and today I plan to visit my family and go shopping.


#twopercent #cameroon


Good morning ....
How are you doing?
I slept soundly last night and the weather was cool . Although I still feel very sleepy😏

Yesterday it rained over here but today I hope it doesn't rain again because I will be going for a business seminar.

I hope to see you soon....
Bye for now.

Location: Asa road,Aba Abia State.
Time: 6:01am
Date: 20/10/2020


Good morning good to see you this morning and knowing that you slept well. enjoy your day


Nice hearing from you this morning @marydexplorer despite the dull morning your face still glitters, I'll appreciate seeing more of you report as the day goes, bye.


I know how you feel dear, I'm still very dizzy 😵. But have a good day today


Hello @marydexplorer, good to see you strong and healthy today. We all pray for a hitch free day. Good luck in your activities today
#twopercent #cameroon


Location:umuojima in Aba Abia state,Nigeria


Date: 20-10-2020

Good morning friends  , welcome to the second day of the week , i  hope your night was splendid, mine was  good ,I thank God for a favourable  weather condition throughout the night ,there was no drops of rain except for the one of yesterday evening and i hope it doesn't rain again  throughout the day,

I just  woke up  from sleep, after the LID report I will say my prayers after which I will go do some chores and rest ,I'm having body pains  but after the morning I will be going to Aba sports club to see my female pastor.

stay safe  !!


Good morning my dear, always my pleasure reading your LID report. It good to see you this morning and knowing that you are ok. Enjoy your day


Hi dlioness good morning... Its nice hearing from you, please do get some rest because of the body pains Ok, have a nice day dear


Good morning @dilioness. Glad you had a great night rest. Have a blessed day today


Have a splendid day too @dlioness, sorry about your health situation. Get well soon and take care
#twopercent #cameroon

Location :24a ukadike street Aba Abia state
Date :20/10/2020
Wakey wakey!!!!
Good morning everyone!! Its morning already hope u guys had a lovely night rest.. My night was peaceful and warm as i slept by 11:00pm and waked by 4:40am, did my morning devotion by 5:00am... Already preparing for work.. Do have a nice day fams.. Love you all, more updates coming up


Good morning dear, good to see you this morning. Please enjoy your day


Thanks.. And u too sir


Well hello and good morning @alisabae. Have a wonderful day today

Location:koka ibusa road Asaba
Good morning friends,hope you all sleept well?
My night here was great,i slept very early last night,i return all glory to God for grace to see another day.
I had one funny nightmare that woke me up by 04:26am ,i prayed and i couldn't go back to bed again.
For the past one hour plus i have been busy with my phone replying chat and moving around my phone.
I don't have much things to do today, because i have'nt resume office.
I will go out later by 7:am or 08:am to get things that i will prepare for breakfast.
Wish you all a bless tuseday.
Please stay safe!
#onepercentnigeria #betterlife.


Good morning, good to see you again and knowing that you are ok. enjoy your day


@eberechi10 thank you am very much okay ,i appreciate God for life.thanks for your comment.
What is your day going to look like?


Hello dear, have a great day and be safe

I saw your performance. and I am very interested because your community does not choose people close to you to support it. even whoever you want to support the important thing they do the best for your community. I wish you success and keep this community growing around the world


@imamalkimas thanks for your encouragement.....no matter the ongoing around we keep pushing by God grace.


Location: Umuana Umuahia North LGA Abia State Nigeria.
Date: 20th October 2020.
Time: 5:57am

Good morning friends, this is @davchi reporting. Hope we all had a sound night rest, because mine was awesome. Over here the weather is cold, despite it didn't rain last night, I suggest it's a call for harmattan. Besides the endsars protest is still ongoing, as there was unusual congested traffic at the state capital yesternight. This is the situation on ground. I'll be updating the community as my day goes, bye.


Good morning good to hear from you this morning and knowing that you are ok . enjoy your day


Hi @davchi ....thank you for reporting.
Definitely,the weather is getting too cold these days.

Hope you participated in the peaceful protest.🙈🙈

I will be expecting more updates from YOU.



Thanks dear @samuel20 I couldn'take it on time so I didn't participate


Hey Man... I glad you had a great night. And have a great day

No 2 benosigwe close aba

Good morning my good people.hope your night was great.mine was splendid.it rained through the night,and it made me to sleep smoothly without any traffic.i woke up by 5am,was weak but was still lying on my bed.had my daily test his morning and am getting ready for work.i hope you all will have a wonderful day ahead.pls stay safe.
#twopercent #nigeria


Good morning @omerenma, nice hearing from you this morning, wishing you have a fruitful day.
#twopercent #cameroon

08:19 am
Good morning wonderful member of SteemAlive and I hope you guys are doing great.
Am reporting from omuma road, Aba; Abia State.
I slept fine and calm, despite cult groups are on war at my area but the lord is still undercontrol in our life's in securing us from the fire arms and so on.
Though it rained yesternight at my area at about 7 00pm and the weather was conducive for sleeping.
So I wish great Steemers a great day all the way.
Thanks from @ Kynso



Location: Umuana Umuahia North LGA Abia State Nigeria
Date: 20tg October 2020
Good evening friends this is @davchi reporting LID just at the endsars protest ground, the environment is quite uncall for and belligerent. Thanks for looking into my LID report this evening,bye.

Location: Umunkama Road Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
Time 8.54am

Goodmorning friends, hope you are strong. Its a brand new morning. It rained so much yesterday and the roads were flooded. This morning, its really cool and the sky is bright. Likely going to be a dry day ahead. I will be at the center to attend to people coming to ask about Steemit. I will also try to go around and take pictures for the ten photos city contest.

Stay cool and keep an eye on my updates.....
.... Oh my face? Yes I have some stubborn pimples. So I applied a cream to it. How do you deal with stubborn pimples? @ngoenyi, @tenguhatanaga, @davchi, @dlioness


Nice and wonderful morning @focusnow. Thank goodness that you have finally started to deal with the stubborn pimples. I have not had any pimple before, so I don't know how to deal with it. But what is the name of the cream that you used on your face?
I think the major source of those ones on your face is stress. Don't you think so?
#twopercent #nigeria


@focusnow today looks good on you. Enjoy yourself


Great to hear from you Sir @focusnow, truly I don't have stubborn pimples oh, but your face looks like one of the cultural days I experienced. Bye.


The day is really good on you sir, it rained here too yesterday and today the weather is dry and favourable,

You are really doing a nice job at the centre, hope they register fast and join us to enjoy the good things in steemit,

Hahahaha, stubborn pimple you said...?dont know your face as a pimple type but i have stopped applying things on my face for pimple cure, the remedy is dont press until ripe, and stop touching your face with unwashed hands most times is dirt sediments and much intake of oily food,some of those creams you applied are good but might not be favourable,

Location: Abia state polytechnic Aba Abia state Nigeria
Time: 1:11pm
Date: 20/10/2020

I woke up this morning by 7:54am feeling fly. It rained in the afternoon yesterday. So the night was cool and serene.
I woke up immediately and prepared quickly for work.

I took this picture when I got down from the taxi that took me to work.
I got to work at 8:42am and am just having a rest now.
it is a bright and sunny day

This is my LID report for 20/10/2020
#Nigeria #endsars #endpolicebrutality


Good morning guys, this is @nehklaus
How was your night guys? I hope it was as blissful and quiet as mine.

Market rd, Aba, Abia State

I woke up by 6am today and I immediately went with the family to join up for the morning rituals, "Examining the Scriptures Daily".

Our theme text for today.

Well we just finished a couple of minutes ago, and once I'm done with the LID report next up would be to the White House, I am required to give mission report every morning.
I hope today is better than yesterday
And i wish you all a great day
#twopercent #nigeria

Location : St. Coffee, Aceh, Indonesia
Time : 12.30 Western Indonesia Time
Date : 20 October 2020


Together with friends enjoying a glass of warm green tea, in the midst of very hot weather, sorry my friend can't continue to be here because of health conditions that are not possible to continue reading and commenting on everyone's steemit friends' posts