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Greetings to you dear friends today I bring to you a write up about leadership development with AIESEC and my personal experience in the organization.

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AIESEC is an international organization for students in science, commerce an economics. This organization began after Second World War when 7 students decided to make a change and solve the issues which caused the conflicts around the world. This gave rise to the organization as a means to have a cross-cultural exchange to understand people and know why they do things they do. The organization has existed for 73 years and exists in bout 130 countries with students moving across the world through internship opportunities and projects.


I joined AIESEC in November 2016 as a member of Local Committee Bamenda as a member during the period when the Anglophone crisis started. I was interested in meeting new people and also developing and exploring my talents. I was caught by our national vice presidents who came to talk to us about the organization; Aime Mounde in charge of Incoming Exchange and David from NIGERIA in charge of business development. So I joined knowing I will meet new people. Unfortunately our LC didn’t have intended activities and so many of my friends let after attending a conference and a volunteer project together. Having my determination I continued alone and I have attended 12 conferences nationally and internationally, held 8 leadership positions and I am presently the national vice president in charge of finance and legal administration. It has been a wonderful experience these 5 years of experience and development.




•We place our confidence in youth as the key to unlock better future

•We believe that leadership is the fundamental solution and it can be developed in anyone


We enable young people to develop their leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.


•Empowering others
•Solution oriented
•World citizen


•Striving for excellence
•Demonstrating leadership
•Activating leadership
•Enjoying participation
•Living in diversity
•Acting sustainably


The organization focuses on three core programs which represents our products
•Global volunteer
•Global talent
• Global teacher

IMG_20210529_134922.jpgBanderol with basic information about the organization


Every year AIESEC Cameroon organizes two conferences to train and develop members. This program usually runs for 3-4 days with a lot of practical experience delivery in all set up of an organization;

•Finance and legal administration
•Talent management
• Business development
•Marketing and communication
•Products which are 2; Out Going Exchange (OGX) and Incoming Exchange (ICX) internship programs
• Team leader who can be tbe national president whom we call "Membership Committee President, MCP"

Today kick start the "NATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR in Kribi" with delegates from 6 regions of Cameroon come together to share and gain experience. I have been invited by the AIESEC CAMEROON national president (MCP) to facilitate session during the conference. Leading young people to find that part of life which they haven’t discovered is my joy and it is another opportunity to learn from these delegates. Below is our agenda and day one actually started on a good foot with the various activities.

IMG-20210527-WA0015.jpg Agenda

IMG_20210528_081313.jpgMy arrival with some delegates


There were various speakers for today and the pictures shows delegates paying attention to the sessions delivered. There were also energisers which came in after sessions to make delegates feel realized and attentive during the session delivery

IMG-20210528-WA0013.jpg Session delivery time

IMG_0116.JPG The president delivering a session on our Essence

IMG_20210528_132820.jpg Energiser for delegates

IMG_0107.JPG A dance enjoying moment with an alumni

Global village

This is a moment to showcase our various cultural values in terms of traditional dances, traditional dresses, traditional food and other peculiar traditional aspects of our villages. Here are some pictures of the global village activities. It was a global village by night

IMG-20210529-WA0023.jpgGlobal village

After the global village delegates all retired to their hotel rooms to have a rest in preparation for the next day. It has been a very fruitful day and our objectives as facilitators have been attained and we are all happy. Tomorrow we hope to make it better.

Updates will be given about this conference till it ends so stay tuned for more information about the conference. Also to know about AIESEC you can check on Thank you for visiting my post dear friends

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I just learned about this organization now, can someone join now, and what is the criteria? Thanks for sharing


It is a very wonderful organization dear and it's very possible for you to join if you are a university student and of age 18-20 years. You can get to me on WhatsApp 237676274062 so we can talk about getting you registered in Nigeria.
#twopercent #cameroon


Thank you so much I'll reach on WhatsApp right away


Okay dear I'm waiting