My diary game by@terdoo it was indeed a hectic day. 10% Payout to @steemalive

10% Payout to @steemalive


Hi my fellow steemians it's me @terdoo and am here to give you a break down of how my day was spent my diary game
Friday's are the most hectic and stressful days for me, yeah you might be wondering why I used the word hectic and stressful it's because I usually have alot of lectures on Friday oops I forgot to say I waked up very late today


I had lectures by 8am but ended waking up past 7 I had the intentions of making chips for breakfast but Time wouldn't permit me so I quickly went for another alternative which was tea and bread. Having been late already i had to take my bath with cold water and the cold was something else but warmed myself with a hot cup of tea and hurriedly left for my lecture it wasn't funny at all on reaching the lab about some minutes to 8 NCE 3 lecture was still on going so I waited outside for about 10 minutes before entering the Hall

It became very annoying that almost all the seats were packed to the next hall which made some of us to stand for about an hour plus to make matters worse the lecturer didn't even consider the fact that most of us were standing he use 30 more minutes from our one hour free period which happens to be the only free period for the day.


Was how I continued my thro and fro movement from one Hall to the other on my way back from one of the hall i saw some of the steemians like @charis20, @desiredlady and lots more but I couldn't stay for some time because I had lecture immediately and my general maths lecturer called me to come and submit assignment for my department so I left them while they were still on road show



The stress continued till 6pm when my lecture terminated and I went back to the hostel infact today has been annoying from the start I went back to the room and meet my bunky sleeping without cooking nor fetching water i had to go and fetch water ,came back bath and got myself indomie to eat.


The day was so stressful from my own end I don't know about you. But thank God I made it to the end.

Thank you for going over my diary Game, I am expeto read yours too.

Warm Regards

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You ready had a productive and stressful day, best of luck.

Sorry about your stressful and hectic day. Some days are like that. Each day has its peculiarities. Thank God it ended in praise. Nice diary game @terdoo.


Thank you sir

Hmmm, that is school life for you, tomorrow will be a story, you really have a fruitful and stressful day

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