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It's been a rough week, and I was just perambulating the internet this evening looking for something to write about for the steemit platform. I thought of writing about cryptocurrency, but just before I could search about it, I came across trending articles of the leaked Windows 11 Operating System Microsoft is working on.


I must say that I really love this new look of the Windows Operating System. It's very sleek, soft, and has a minimal design. What I have noticed is that Microsoft still maintains the icons type of the previous Windows 10 20H2. I have also noticed that the taskbar has now been placed at the center of the screen which is super cool for me. I really love that. Although as usual, I believe Microsoft will make it customizable so that users who would still like to use the normal style of the taskbar can still switch back to it, but for me, I am surely using that centered taskbar.


The Start Menu on the Windows 11 shows the pinned applications on the task bar as well as suggested documents for easy and quick access.
I really love this design, and I can't wait for the official release.

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Excellent, it will update, it looks very good