The diarygame//how I spent my Thursday//04/07/2021

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Good day ladies and gentlemen @steemalive, trust we are all doing great.

Happy New month to you all

I want to share with you my good friends how my day went.

It was indeed a hectic day for me from start to finish.

I woke up very early in the morning today around 6am. Today's numerous appointment had been booked already since yesterday, thus, I knew that I was going to have little or no time for myself.

Therefore, from my bed I just had to make use of my tooth brush, after then, I took my shower.

Since time was already against me, I did not see any need of eating again because it would consume more of my time.


As a result, I took off to my college where we are supposed to engage in practical exploration on how to determine or find out the microbial load of a given sample.

8:15am: In my department (Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management)

My course of study is Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management. This is my fourth year in the university and it is exclusively a practical year.

In that respect, what we used for the practical was fish sample.

The fish samples were prepared in different ways....

  1. the smoked fish

  2. salt cooked fish

  3. spiced fish

  4. barbeque and

  5. Raw fish (fresh fish)

We are 35 students in my level, so we were divided in five groups. Each groups from one to five goes with the various samples respectively.

10:45am; at the Microbial Lab

We in the lab waiting for practical to start

Testing for microbial loads runs in different stages...

The stages are;

Preparation of the culturing medium

Unprepared medium comes in powerder form. Total of 3 medium was used for the work.

*Each medium was prepared by measuring 15g of each of the medium and dissolve in 35ml of water to make upto 50ml solution separately.

*Then, it was autoclaved for 40minutes.

*At the expiration of the time, the medium was removed from the autoclave and allowed to cool for about 10minutes

*Since there are 3 medium, 3 petri dish were labelled with the names of those medium.

Labelled petri dish

*Liquid medium in the bottle was poured into the diverse petri dish with their names respectively and allowed to congeal or solidify.

Autoclaved medium inside labelled bottles

Sample Preparation

*Total of 5 tubes were collected and labeled
E9 &

*Using a sterile syringe, 9ml of distilled water was collected and added into the separate tubes.
Preparing the culturing sample

*1g of the fish sample was added into the E6 tube and stirred properly.

*Then using a fresh sterile syringe, 2ml of water was collected from the E6 and added in E7 and stirred properly. Also, 2ml of water was collected from the E7 and and stirred very well. This Continued till the E10.

Labelled tubes with sample water in them.


The medium had already solidified.

The purpose of the medium is for inoculation.

*Sample water from the tube will be collected and a drop would be deposited in each of the media in the Petri dish.

Sample E8 was selected for this purpose. The syringe was used to collect the sample water and only a drop was deposited in each of the medium in the Petri dish.

Practical instructor dropping the samples on the medium

The petri dish containing the samples were rolled in a paper envelope and kept for inoculation.

The inoculation sample in a white paper envelope

Since the inoculation have to stay up 24hours, we were then dismissed with an appointment to meet same time, next day.
Then, after that, we will then view with microscope.

Just perch around to see the end point of experiment in my next post

This was how my day weekend and I believe it's worth your time.

Thanks for your time.

Respect to....


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Good one, you are doing a wonderful job.
Hope you didn't eat some of the fish then use the remaining one for the practicals. Have a good day. @vibrant6689


My brother, I won't lie to you ooo. Come close let me tell you...
We couldn't hold our gluttony, as a result we vested our anger on the barbeque 😂😂😂😂😂😂. We shopam.

No tell anybody oooo

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I'm grateful dear.
Thanks for the notification