SpudX Quicky: Reached 10k SP!

10개월 전

SPUD, Steem Power-Up Day, is an initiative started by @streetstyle. Read more about it here: SPUD X - TAKING STEEM TO NEW HEIGHTS - FEB. 1, 2020

I'm in with powering up STEEM


Which makes me reach 10k SP across my main accounts! :D


I'm using this account for the 'social' aspects of Steem, posts, comments. @stmdev is for any kind of experiments, python tests, Dapps, tribes, and the only account I actually still log in to drugwars from time to time :) @curx is mainly targeting curation and currently has the biggest part of my stake as a delegation.

Did you know, that powered-up STEEM increases over time?

If you powered up 1000 STEEM a year ago as 1000 SP, you'd have 1021.873 SP now. Yeah, it's "only" 2% but hey, it comes for free. And it comes on top of returns you might have from posting, curation, delegations, etc!

The reason is that powered-up STEEM is converted to VESTs based on a STEEM-per-VESTs ratio. This ratio increases over time. You can find some historic values for example here:

Historic Rates for STEEM-per-VESTS, 2018-2019ytd

Stake your STEEM! Happy #spud everybody!

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Nice! Always love seeing SPUD roll around and having the power up numbers get a little jump. A lot of people overlook (or don’t even notice) the extra APR of hodl’ing SP

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2% is mighty tastey if you’re looking at the traditional market even in South Africa where we can get 6.75% it sounds great but inflation is at 4% which is still total bulkshit due to hedonic adjustments so That 2% is a solid return and if you dip into the lease market you can make that even more

Nice 1k SP added up :)

Good stuff!

2% alone is better than the banks, CR makes that SP far better 😁


True :D
2% sounds good, but but for the comparison with banks we have to ignore any inflation differences or market fluctuations ;)


And with a yearly reduction on inflation hello sign me up!


And with a yearly
Reduction on inflation
Hello sign me up!

                 - chekohler

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That too. Just got to stay alive - Us and the Steem :)

Nice own a solid double minnow power up and 10k thays a sweet spot I’m just shy of 9k now also want to get into the 5 figure steem zone!


You'll be there soon! :)

How much does stmdev make voting post in the first few seconds?
How hard does it affect later voters?
To me, depending on what it pays, it seems like a dick move.

Would you care to defend the practice?


It currently makes around 30 PAL/day, but no Steem curation rewards obviously. From my understanding it doesn't really affect later (Steem) voters, but I didn't do the detailed math.


Maybe I just need to let it go, but if the first voter gets the largest share, curation sniping blocks real curators from their deserved rewards.
I don't know how stake weighting affects that.

Those are some serious power up moves @crokkon thank you for supporting #spud take care.


Thanks for organizing #spud!

Cool! 10k is nice round number I target myself in the next few months.

I powered up a little as well, but I often don't wait for SPUD, I power up during the month as well.


You're on good track, I have no doubts you'll reach it soon! :)