Forking Up: A Fix to $1 Steem

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Disclaimer: The following is being suggested by a complete amateur- blockchain professionals, do not try this at home...

I am going to take a rude, crude and obnoxious shot at solving the age old question on steem by figuring out... Is there an age old question on steem, and if so what is it, and if/and only if what in the hades is the answer?

First SBD's, go the way of the dinosaur. Closed market price from the HQ, these are toast, sell them or keep them as digital wallpaper if you must-but they are worthless if not cashed in for steem that is created to offset the monetary value in SP, yep that's right, non liquid beautiful steem power.

Second we make post payouts almost entirely based on steem staked amounts (steem power) in any given account. Vote values follow the current hardfork curve and when appropriate a new curation curve is addressed when needed.

Third we make a network of witnesses (and perhaps wannabe witnesses or those that are very close to the top 30) collaborate on a trading desk that swaps steem at tiny, tiny rates to the trader. We are talking 0.5% to bring it and the same to take it out, with minimums of course for a cost, but increased liquidity in the trading of the crypto is a must. The current system puts you at an inflated amount as it is unless you are swapping out megatons of steem. Just less than half (47.5%-for this example sake) of this amount would go to the reward pool as inflation to steem, and the other portion (52.5%)-burn to offset the inflation and then some.

In times of high volatility like we have witnessed over the last few years think of the fees that could've been accumulated daily in an exchange like this that would've had north of half of these fees that are lost to asset friction of moving steem (SBD) into a decentralized exchange, but having a centralized exchange where the self interest of the witness (extremely so for those who have felt the plunge) of the steem ticker price is much more desirable for those that make the network move, versus those that run for the exits. Which is also ideal because the more it's traded the more the inflation works its way downward, allowing these folks who are not long for the platform to run to the life boats but at the benefit of the rest of the community to benefit in a tiny benefit of there being less steem around. I know this is a complex subject but the "promissory like note" of SBDs are a bit over people's heads, and with the central authorities more or less having to do what they do at a cost of the entire community taking it in the shorts as a continual downhill trend of falling steem prices, especially when some negative momentum starts at untested lows... it's a continual drop until cool heads come up with a legit solution. Hopefully this one at least gets people thinking in the right direction of the business end of the equation holders of steem/sbd have felt in the past few years.

After that long point just one more, I promise, that is it with the nosebleed economic number arrangement boredom, lol. Last but not least all payouts are always paid in steem power. Keeping this option reserved for the holder of the steem tokens any given user receive from their post payouts or witness votes, all payouts in steem power. If people would like to power down to receive some of their steem, then great, go for it. But all payouts (assuming they follow the current fork) gives the user thirteen weeks to get that payment in full.

So cryptkeeper17 why in the world would steem/steemit/stinc/steeminati? go for such a bunch of crazy measures? Meaning what is the theory or ideal situation/result of your crackpot foolishness leaving such a well established status quo? Well... if you just read that last sentence with a straight face you can stop reading this post was not for you, sorry for wasting your time. Those that are still here there are a few ideals that are being attempted.

First-more liquidity of steem for outsiders for purchase/withdrawal of funds would theoretically bring in more people and money that is currently not within the steem based economy. Less friction=friendlier trading possibilities=greater likelihood of someone with a pile of fiat burning a hole in their pocket to dive in cheaper, with less commitment due to elevated fees to get in and get out.

To piggyback the last point if the centralized exchange (for the steem people by the steem people in a representative witness mining group) is swapping at higher rates then more is burned, less tokens are floating in the ether, and your tokens become a little more valuable the longer you hold them in relation to the total available, curation curves, etc. Payouts in SP is also a targeted ideal that makes your tokens earned worthwhile as they come out of a power down, or (perish the thought) you are more inclined to buy some here and there due to some advantageous reason of fiat based pricing somewhere in the steem based market economy, like say The Splinterlands. Bringing fiat into this system is less a gamble and the buyer could get possibly even greater rewards than they are already as overall demand may fall in the short term, but in the long term with the value of steem itself on a steady rise over time I don't think many people that have had ventures within the steemit userbase will mind that their massive accumulation of their crypto of which they held or are not powering down is gaining serious traction upward in value while lessening also in the available steem for sale on the open market as more of it is held down over a longer period, hopefully catching holders of the crypto on the more preferable side of their pants being above their ankles. Maybe we even "fork up" versus catching falling knives with our pie holes-or whatever anatomical opening you choose to talk from on any given day.

So in conclusion... Source

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