The Curiousity of Rising Crypto Markets Seemingly Always Around the Holidays

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I know some, if not many, if not all of you are the "crypto guy or crypto gal" when you visit with your families around the end of the year holidays. I am no exception to that, and I try to play it cool, not sound too fanatical, but of course I usually get a glazed eye look, or the Homer Simpson thousand yard blank stare when talking about it in the least bit. Many of our friends and family seem really entrenched in their daily lives, their interests, or whatever their daily habits seem to be and feel as though they have no more room quite often for the brain power it takes to muster up a conversation about something they know so little. That is why the talking points of "I thought that stuff was for drug dealers or money launderers," or "It's a bubble," or "It's a scam," or whatever the half-cocked logic that follows these generalities in a catchier way (up to this point) for the easily branded thinkers.

Unfortunately for these moronic talking points that even the President of the United States has even used in describing crypto it's not going away anytime soon. Those who are ignorant of the past and other revolutionary ideas are subject to lose in similar fashion that those of the status quo have lost in prior historical events. The banking system essentially has not changed in half a millennia, make-up has been applied to the pig in several ways to dress it up slightly different than what it has been in the past, but since the rise of modern corporate investment/ownership type vehicles in the 1500's in Europe among the wealthier classes down to even a newer invention of social class at the time called a "middle working class folk" even the concepts of private property has evolved very little in many ways in how it's transacted by a "dubbed individual of the law" to act as clerk and commissioner to see the transaction through. Through this fiat delegation of the ruling class/monarchy/government they are the enforcers of the status quo as these activities of commerce and ownership of property goes, as it has been done over the centuries.

The only problem with this model is the overwhelming institution onto itself the leviathan-like beast has become. Governments are swayed by them in ways that make the most ardent conspiracy theorist are routinely shocked to their core to find when tiny details of the iceberg are made available from time to time when tracks are not properly covered after some nefarious dealings have taken place behind the curtain of the dark web-I mean dark commerce web.

Alright enough conspiracy talk, I prefer to dabble in conspiracy fact rather than conspiracy theory, which today there is enough conspiracy fact that the need for the theoretical is virtually obsolete. What I am talking about may be more simple for people to grasp, broad points to the complex that convey more to the point concepts, the likes of which could read like a comical (but true) parody to John Lennon's classic single "Imagine..." Here it goes...

...Imagine no need for property lawyers, personal tax accountants or tax forms. Imagine property swaps with personal key codes over time that are as refined as the most personalized, secure as anything ever executed in human history. Imagine these people finding their calling life rather being bean counting bureaucrats but "soulful" people operating within a marketplace that countless niche business and trade could be accomplished thanks to their talents being diverted (Einstein was a patent clerk before he did any of his most famous papers-being one standout example). Imagine transparent governments showing exactly how much and why everything is taxed, or a base tax on all exchanges thanks to crypto... I wonder if you can.

Yeah I get it, not near as rhythmic or easily divided among musical bars as the original classic hit, which of course goes without saying if you ever try to replicate anything originally by a Beatle.

In reference to the title I do think more and more people are talking about this among other things around the holidays. Education of the real possibilities of well-conceived blockchain technology is an absolute world changing force that will one day have to reckoned with, and the people of the world are going to need one hell of a reason to forget about it anytime soon that is for sure. My anecdotal experiences of the past few years following blockchain markets has seen some really big moves between Christmas and New Year's each year, sometimes around the Thanksgiving Holiday, but that of course is more American based holiday periods and is not reflective of the whole world of course, but it has been intriguing to follow since late 2017 when cryptos went nuts on the markets.

Best of luck and best wishes this Holiday Season to everyone, and keep annoying your friends and family telling them they are crazy to keep going along with this market and financial charade that is now becoming obsolete by the day.

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