Should you use Publish0x?

4개월 전

Well i guess you should, just by looking the image below you can clearly see that is a very good alternative to cross post your content there too. To be clear, those numbers could be way better if i was cross posted everything (even that limited) i post here, but as i said yesterday my time is quite limited and i wasn't even vote there the last couple of months (only my senpai @trumpman and few others when i was remember to do it), now i'm trying to recover and be more active anywhere i believe that worth and Publish0x is worth it.
So if a person like me, that it was barely active, his blogging skills wasn't the better you can find out there and he isn't focus at all there managed to make those numbers, you can easily understand that if you put a minimum effort and your skills work together you can have pretty good results!

What i learned those years that i get involved with cryptoblogging sites (steemit, HIVE etc) is that there is no free money, nobody will give you anything except you worth it, so put an effort, do what you like, write about it, do it well and you get reward for it!

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