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This is a good development, that I gathered a nice amount of steem that I could use for my own purposes. I just pray that I would not be powering-down soon but it would be the last resort. I still have some liquid assets (STEEM and SBD) and those are first to go before my SP.

But the reason I want to earn steem in the first place was to fund my own dream surgeries, two of which is just almost impossible to make it happen because they require a much money for burning like for example the Kidney transplant, it would require me to spend about 25,000 dollars equivalent with the operation alone not to mention the problem of sourcing the new Kidneys which in my case I might get it from a cadaver because none of my siblings now or my parents willing to donate except my father while my mother is opposed to the idea again.

The other operation was about my facial bone reconstruction which I do not have any idea if somebody are performing that kind of surgery here in my country. Maybe even if there is such a doctor the money involved with it would be I presume to be greater than that of the Kidney transplant although there would be no more after-surgery medications that I would be taking for life compared to the Kidney transplant where I would be still coughing great amounts of money for anti-rejection medication.

But it seems that for the Parathyroidectomy it is within my reach, the problem is that I am not getting much support from my relatives about that idea but I know it would be better for me if I would finally get that operation because my backbone had gone crooked enough for me that it is hard now for me to roll-over on my side to sleep because it already had shortened my stature even some more.

I am also getting pains on my left hand and my hip joints even though I already taken some pain reliever. Now the frequency of me taking pain relievers also had gone up. It is not a good sign so I just have to push with my parathyroidectomy. Also the problem was even my Endocrinologist is not believing that I can do the operation. But I still have to try just to save myself from further pain and misery in the future.

Anyway I am glad that I do have a fallback funds to use for such medical endeavors, I am just fortunate than most other patients because at least I am able to earn and use this kind of investment for my own reasons which should be the case because I needed money for my needed surgery at the moment if it would still be feasible for my case, condition, and situation.

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