Hydro is a real deal! Hydro's making a huge comeback from its lows by over 70%,

2년 전

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We have been focused so much lately on the bear run of the main cryptos. But there are exceptions and one of them is Hydro.

I personally think we should be paying lot more attention to this coin because this coin has been showing a very unusual strength in the last month despite of some bear trend and sideway tricky games.

What I can tell you is that Hydro is a company full of innovation. In the community of Project Hydro you will find some posts related to Hydro Labs project and I will discuss them in depth in my future posts.

But today I will be focusing on Hydro USD pair.

During the first semester, Hydro was following a sideway pattern, with supports of around 0.0013 USD and key resistances of 0.0021 USD. It was pretty well marked trend. However after the BTC drop, Hydro started declining steadily until December 3rd, where it reached its low of around 0.00043 USD.

Since then Hydro reached October’s levels by December 20th. During the sharp drop in the third week of December, when other cryptos were loosing high percentages, Hydro reversed only to 0.00054 but didn’t come back to the previous bottom of 0.00043 USD. However it recovered quickly and we see it today around 0.0007 levels.

The key point for Hydro is to overpass the resistance situated around 0.0008 USD for another confirmation of a stronger bullish reversal. But so far what I can tell you is that Hydro rose from its lows by 70%. That’s a very good news and a very unusual strength for any cryptocurrency in these times full of bears and sideway trends.

I started to earn Hydro on Publish0x from May to July, and I bought Hydro in Idex where we can trade also our 1UP token.

Every day I look at my ETH wallet; some days I have seen ups and the other ones downs, while Hydro remained as the most bullish crypto overthere. So good job Hydro, I want more of you!

Hydro is being traded on Idex, Mercatox and Liquid.

So what else will Hydro come up with for 2020? Stay tuned for coming updates!

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