Level 30: I decided to go for it

3년 전

Level 30.JPG
Few days ago, I was level 21 and I decided to upgrade 9 levels.

How much was it?

Around 225,000 1 UP tokens.

How did I do it?

I had some emergent tokens on Huobi, I sold them, I converted them to Ethereum. Then I sent ETH to IDEX where I purchased 1UP tokens. I sent those tokens back to my ETH wallet and then I deposit them together with some other stash of 1UP tokens to Uptrennd. And I also transferred 15,067 1UP tokens which I earned in the last month for the level up.

Some of us complain about the low price of 1UP token. This time I found it quite convenient because if it were higher, I think I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t have enough crypto for it.

Guess what will happen with those 225,000 1UP tokens?

We have immediately burned 67,000 1UP tokens. They are always gone and forever and ever.

Why did I do it?

  1. There was an irresistible offer of Luke Brenland. 50,000 1UP tokens for the first person who reaches level 30, which I really wanted so badly. So I went for it.

  2. I strongly believe in Uptrennd. There have been so many improvements and very good news lately, that this is a vote of trust on my behalf. If I didn’t believe in Uptrennd, I wouldn’t do it.

  3. Now each upvote I receive = 3.9 points. That is 30% more than few minutes ago.

  4. Now to get to level 31 it’s almost 65,000 1UP points. ATM I will rest for a while, so many emotions and I know there will be soon someone else in level 31.

And if you want to do anything you propose to yourself, you always can, there is no one who can stop you, only yourself.

Just go for it and chase your dreams! See you here around while Trennding!

Check the complete article on Uptrennd: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/level-30-i-decided-to-go-for-it~MTgzNDAw

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