Why do I use Boost option for Uptrennd's post?

3년 전

I started to use the option “Boost”.

What is Boost used for?

It is used for top positioning of your posts to the first top places on Trennding section of Uptrennd.

It goes according to Google’s Triangle theory; where a team of scientist measured our attention; and most of our visual attention goes to superior left triangle of any Internet page. Therefore you have to pay for SEO on Google or any search engine.

How can you use it?

  1. Next to your profile picture, there is your name. Click on the inverted triangle.

  2. Go to option – Manage Post

  3. Select the post you want to boost. For example I selected the post: “Kick token appeared on my wallet”.

  4. Input the number of your views: 2,000 views. That will correspond to 200 1UP tokens. Enter Submit.

  5. Kindly wait for Uptrennd’s team approval

  6. You will see in the following days your boosted post on the top position of Trennding posts.

Why do I do it?

When you write a new post, your post appears in Trennding section for 48 hours. After those 48 hours, you won’t see it there.

I decided to boost my post: Presearch review: We hope to see you on the journey for 2,000 views.

You can do your math. 1 point = 10 views. It cost me, 200 1UP tokens.

Here is the list of my reasons why to boost your content:

  1. I like my post, I want that more people get acquainted with its content.

  2. I am into Presearch project and I want some referrals. If I boost my post for more views, my chance for more referral conversions therefore increases.

  3. I boost my former posts, when I don’t produce any content. Some days at home are really crazy, so I cannot produce more OC. If you boost your previous posts, your name somehow continues appearing on Uptrennd.

  4. You will get some upvotes. In some posts, you won’t recover your boosting investment but on some posts, you will. For example: on my post Do’s and Dont’s for making comments, I boosted it for 1,000 views. I spent 100 1UP tokens because I believe more Trenndians should know about this topic because the info is still valid and pretty useful for making comments. And I received around 30 upvotes = 117 1UP tokens for me.

  5. If you are boosting posts frequently, the number of your followers tends to increase. If your posts don’t appear on Trennding section, you will hardly get new ones.

The increasing number of followers from now, is much higher priority than getting more upvotes. Because you are building your audience and you will be able to communite more effectively any of your messages on the long run.

  1. Boosting posts – that means the paid version for SEO for your post promotion, is much cheaper on Uptrennd than in traditional social media.

  2. You are using 1UP token for its original purpose, and that purpose is advertising. If you spend it on Uptrennd, you are helping 1UP tokenomics as well.

What I don’t boost?

Boost post2.JPGI rate my posts from 1 to 10, where 10 is 100%.

  1. I don’t promote posts which I consider below 9 according my criteria.

  2. I cannot promote posts which are outdated. I cannot promote the post about Eth from August, where Ethereum overpassed 200 USD because the current reality is totally different or about my level 12 from July because my level is higher.

I am strongly convinced that paying for advertising of some of our content is highly recommendable. And I will appreciate a lot your insight on this topic. Have you ever tried it?

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