Crypto Talk Monday with @exyle: Interview with @andrarchy about Open Seed.


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It's hard to miss the announcement of Open Seed currently on Steem.

One of the first things Open Seed wants to address is Steem's signup process by creating a user database with normal passwords that can be shared crossed platforms.

"Users don't want blockchains. They don't care."

In this episode of Crypto Talk Monday we talk about Open Seed.

In the first 16 minutes of listening to the interview, you should have a good idea of what Open Seed is trying to achieve and from there it gets a little more technical (but easy enough to follow).

I hope you enjoy this new, more modern format of Crypto Talk Monday.

I have edited the interview slightly to remove some filler talk and added video-in-video to clarify some points.

Link to SPS proposal

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Hello @exyle , some breaking news that a stack of crypto youtubers have been censored on youtube. They are freaking out on twitter. I got the names on my latest post. Good time to onboard them to Steem (dtube or 3 Speak). Need to rally the Steem troops to hit them up on twitter.


Who was it? Datadash? Kirby? Daily?

"I dont know why I'm being so gendered"

I love this keep up the good work

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it is really very informative interview. and every steemit is really excited . thaks you very much such great interview with @andrarchy . he gave all info in this inerview about open seed. you asked importance questions in this interview related open seed . thanks you very much again @exyle for this video

Merry Christmas

  ·  작년

Merry Christmas!

great stream, looking forward to open link and open seed

We need on boarding and we need it bad, fast easy signups are the way to go!

Dunno but enjoy day and free time now

Hi, @exyle!

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I'm looking forward to listening to this. I'll do it while working out!

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Cool! Hope you enjoyed it.

Great interview, and I kind of like the idea that users first will get a Steem light account and from there they can upgrade it.
The messenger app sounds awesome as well!
Merry Christmas!

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Glad you enjoyed it! And Merry Christmas!

merry xmas exyle

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Merry Christmas, man!

The idea of only onboarding high-value users to the chain by giving them an actual Steem account is brilliant. Because it addresses the problem of how difficult it is for regular people to assume full ownership of their Steem experience. The added benefit is not having "low-value users" burden the chain.

Openseed sounds like the training wheels we've always been asking for as normies while turning the steem blockchain into more freemium setup! I like it, you pick the privileges you want!

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.


can you make a guide how to get better return from curation? Your votes from curation are in average 23% higher in return as my votes :)

In long Term this makes a huge difference :D

I wish you a happy new year


I am a believer in Steemit and SBD. People will get tired from Facebook and instagram.
Just a matter off time.. Thanks for the nice read.