Scared Markets drive up interest rates

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With the whole SteemTron debacle there are a few things are worth knowing...

As you might know or not there is a service on the steem blockchain where you can lease out your steem to others and they pay you a fixed interest over a certain period of time.

This service is run by the guys over at @buildteam

I regularly check the interest rates that are being offered and mostly they hover around 12% per year or 1% per month.
As with most things this service runs on

Supply and Demand

and as you can see the whole issue with TRON and Justin Sun has people running scared and that in turn is pushing up the interest since no one is taking leases. So there is time to take a bit of risk and get some nice ROI in your pocket.

Screenshot 2020-03-05 16.22.24

The return has gone up by about 2% and that is really not bad if you think that the bank is not even paying that amount on a savings account.

The big question is:

will there be a Steem blockchain in 12 weeks?

I have put a lot of time and effort in this chain and my account:

  • Since the top witnesses are in a Mexican standoff it seems reasonable to me that this is not really an issue.
  • Since I am not powering down this also is not really an issue for me because I would not have had my coins for 13 weeks anyway

So I went ahead and took one of the leases which for me shows my faith in the Steem Community and not in someone who just walzes in and assumes they can run the show without even bothering to see what he bought.

In investing there is this saying:


and I guess someone kind of forgot that, especially in crypto

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@felander hmmm what an informative post...

Posted via Steemleo


hmmmm thank you

I make a leases on 12% APR seems like I lost 1 percent or 2.


lets see if it goes up a bit more

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