Updating/reshuffling my Steem delegations

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I am going to focus on Steem and the ecosystem. There are a lot of different projects going on and sometimes you need to take stock of what is going on.
I have delegations to lots of projects and am reshuffling a bit.


I have decided to augment my delegation to @steemhunt from 610 to 750.
The post they put out put them back on my radar and they are really keeping up with their evolution and with the growth of the Hunt Products and Platform.

They even got a big bunch of signups due to a Korean Youtuber checking them out. That is a nice boost to their community and I would say that that might continue. Korea is know for its fondness of gadgets and of Crypto and here we have some platform providing both. https://steempeak.com/steemhunt/@steemhunt/reviewhunt-user-growth-x3-over-the-weekend-or-sponsor-report-96


In the beginning of @nextcolony I made an account which I still play today but I also bought shares in @dachcolony and those have been paying out nicely. They taken top places in the last few seasons so that is paying out nice ROI and that trend seems to be set to go forward. So if you do not play the game but still would like to make some ROI then you can buy some tokens on steem engine https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=DACH.
It looks like they will be making 3rd place this season as well and that comes to another 800 Steem to be redistributed among shareholders.

The idea now is to take half the winnings to invest in stardust for the next round which makes perfect sense to me.


I have really been enjoying the @appics app on my @photolander account as well. Recently I have been posting some of my pictures in the instagram style app. There seems to be some action in the company and the recent cooperation with @actifit is one sign of that.


This is the free lottery that has been newly set up which is sharing the curation rewards with one user instead of all
Its a lottery where you cannot lose since you are only delegating (I have delegated 500 Steem)
find out more here https://steempeak.com/hive-167922/@freelottery/free-steem-lottery-join-in


I now have 5 accounts who are playing for me through the herons system that is now run by @felipejoys. I enjoyed the mspwaves by @aggroed this weekend. There is no reason to stress, all the more reasons to keep playing the game and pick up some cards or some DEC. My own account is reaching Diamond 1 consistently now and I am using that DEC to slowly buy more cards on the market or even the odd pack here or there.


The @steemleo ecosystem seems to keep on growing thanks to the unwavering effort of @khaleelkazi so I have sold a lot of my tokens but not to take profit but to put into LEOMM or LEOM putting me a bit higher in the passive income. I guess I will not make the top but I can slowly build up my stack through the curation and mining with @felander.leo

There are a few more things I have delegations to like @steembasicincome and @smartsteem (need to check up on what is happening with those tokens @therealwolf?)

We can also see that with BTC taking a hit under 10k the rest has followed and Steem is no exception. I guess it will go up in the long run and that is why we are here anyway. For the long haul.

Are you selling right now or just waiting to see what the future brings??

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