Will you have a bed??

4개월 전

With all the focus being on the stock markets people are losing sight of something else

"this is just like the flu"

That is not a good enough excuse anymore
but we can still see this on the minds of a lot of people and they really have no grasp on how bad this might potentially get.

At this point I think the chances of me getting this virus are higher then vice versa and I am being careful.

  • washing hands regularly
  • avoiding mass events
  • avoiding crowds and crowded places like public transport at rush hour
  • staying home more

I doubt though that it will be enough.

This thing has broken most quarantines and weirdly does not respect all these lines we have drawn on the map and call borders. This thing is not racist either, it hits everyone even though it might be a bit agist since the older we get the more susceptible and potentially lethal.

Screenshot 2020-03-10 11.18.47

As long as the health system is not flooded with patients needing treatment then all is manageable and does not lead to a spike in deaths. But once the hospitals are full then people are left to fend on their own and that is when things get bad. That is when people start to die. My fear is that there are not nearly enough beds to go around due to the fact that most of our esteemed leaders still think:

This is just like the flu

  • For me, I live in Switzerland and here we seem to be quite well prepared, on top of that the government does not seem to be downplaying the virus to much but maybe that is because we are just next to Italy and can see first hand what is going on. Also because of the different system of governing, smaller and faster reporting chains make a big difference here.

  • From what I can tell the US is barreling straight for a disaster on a scale that is quite hard to imagine. The politicians are trying to downplay the whole thing since its an election year and as such there isn't as much attention to fixing/managing the issue as their should be.

  • China seems to be turning the tide but they have the "advantage" of communism and the party policy that can push through measures that would not be accepted in the "free world". This might indeed be something that puts them on top in the long run economic wise.

What are your measures to face this Black Swan event?

I was exposed to stocks in my retirement savings plan and have also sold those shares on a breakeven level so to avoid the crash that is to come in my opinion. A lot of people are relieved with the jump back on the stock exchanges today on 08.03.2020 after the dump yesterday but the push back up does not mean that the underlying questions have been resolved. Its just a normal bounce back after a hard fall.

I think there is much lower to go!!

What do you think?

The inspiration and screenshots come from this original article from Ryan Selkis at Messari https://messari.io/article/rip-moon-times

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Save me @freelander, they found some people with the virus had visited the shopping below my office in Korea today.


There are some simple self-tests like holding on your breathe without coughing for over 10 seconds. I hope you can pass this on a daily basis!

The other thing is to include more of immunity boosting & antibiotic rich ingredients in your nutrition like basil leaves, turmeric, amla, vit. C, D etc.

And most importantly, feel strong and stay peaceful!

All will be good!


10 seconds for me is a breeze. I rarely cough since I'm wearing mask every day to save myself. It also protects me from air pollutions.

I eat many healthy food. My cocktail of choice is garlic, ginseng, ginger and especially kimchi. I eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. I also have vitamin C and D supplements.

I do agree exercise is importnat. Perhaps this is where I can improve :|

Thannks for the tip about holding breath!
Stay healthy and keep being good, too ~


auch, I guess it might not be a bad thing to go get tested...


Yeah, the problem with that is it costs money unless the doctor agrees with me and I don't have any signs that can convince them. Being nearby isn't good enough unless we were at the same dinner table or something.

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