Que será, será -- Why I don't believe it in Business

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For those who don't know this popular evergreen song, here's the chorus (so you can follow in this discourse)...

"Que sera, sera
Whatever will be will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera"

I believe (but more importantly, know) that God has given us the brains to "see" a large part of the future.

In fact, God has given us the ability to shape our various futures.

Think about it...

If your child gets admission to study medicine and surgery, you can predict that he'll be a doctor in the next 15 years.

If, on the other hand, your child spends all his time at the motor park, you can also predict that he'll end up being no good. That's why you won't let that happen.

Yes, things don't always turn out as humans plan but they do so LARGELY.

In fact, if you plan well CONSISTENTLY, you'll end up well off. That's a fact.

It's when you live a "random" life; where you do whatever random action comes to mind, that you can't tell how your future will look.

That's NOT pride; it's knowing how stuff works.

Don't agree?

Ok. Let me ask you a simple question...

If you KNOW how to cook egusi soup, can you predict how the soup will taste based on the condiments used?

For those of you who know how to cook, will the egusi soup taste the same if you use stock fish instead of fresh titus fish?

What if you swap the fish with chicken?

Can you see that your mind already knows the outcome to expect?

Now, that's the same thing with your finances PROVIDED you know how to produce (or cook) wealth.

It's the way you manage your resources today that will determine how your finances will look like a few years from today.

It's NOT luck; it's NOT chance. It's NOT the witches in your village. It's YOU...

...And the choices you make with your current resources.

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