The irony of prayers in business

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I can say unashamedly that I believe that God answers prayers. But then I also know that God has standards and protocols that He expects us to abide by.

For example, while God can do everything, He won't save you if you tempt Him by choosing to stand before a fast moving train.

That's just the fact.

So why do I bring this up?

I am REALLY amused by many New Year prayers and wishes that I see people send. Something like...

"May this New Year bring bla bla bla..."

"May this New Year enrich our lives with bla bla bla..."

The problem with these kinds of prayers is that they've taken away our responsibilities and given it to the New Year.

So, if old boy fails this year, 2020, it was the year that gave him failure and NOT his poor choices, wrong actions and inactions.

That's the irony...

The new year is "apathetic". It neither hates nor loves you. It neither works for nor against you. It neither lifts nor demotes any.

You attract love or hate by your choices.

You make things work for or against you.

You take actions that lift or demote you.




Let that sink in.

If you want this year to be great, then start taking actions that will lead to greatness.

If you want this decade to be the greatest in your life so far, then sow seeds that will yield a harvest of greatness.

God will NOT love you more this year. He already loves you more than you'll ever deserve.

God will NOT become more powerful this year. He is ALREADY the ALMIGHTY.

God will NOT change this year. He is the unchanging God.

So, if you took a certain set of actions that God frowned at last year, He'll still frown at them this year.

If you sowed wrong seeds that resulted in a poor harvest last year, God will NOT turn your wrong seeds into a good harvest this year.

What God will do is...

...What He has always done...

Send people to show you the right way like He is using me now for those who'd choose to see His hand this year.

So if you want awesome financial progress this decade, you'd have to make different (and better) choices this year.

Here's something that is guaranteed to bring transformation your way...

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