Not pulling the trigger




For a while now I am fascinated by the Magic The Gathering ecosystem.

I am fascinated that those cards have this high prices at all.

I am fascinated by the amount of people participating.

I am fascinated how long this is going on.

And I am this fascinated that I want to take part as well.

A while ago I bought some sealed display booster boxes. War of the sparks and Modern Horizon to be exact.

The plan is to hold on to those boxes, keep them dry, clean and fed and sell them in a couple of years.

The next step is a bit tricky for me. I want to get some dual lands. I am not in a hurry though as I have other priorities at the moment for my money but I am trying to educate myself and quickly realized even if I had enough spare funds I think I need to learn more.

Condition is everything and if you want a mint card you have to pay a premium. Seems logical and I know that from graded coins already. High grade = more money

But what with light played ? Where you draw the linie?

Like probably everyone who wants to invest in any cards, digital or real ones, I am watching the youtube channel Alpha investments for a while now.

Rudy has drunk the whole fountain of card game investment knowledge and is sharing it regular on his channel.

So for me it is very interesting when he talks about buying a whole collection which cards he picks and how he grades the card and even disagrees with grading of slabbed cards.

When I started to invest in silver collector coins I thought the best was to just jump in and get your feed wet. While I still think this is true for the semi - numismatics it would be terrible for numismatics, stamps, art and I think single magic cards as well.

The semi-numismatics carry a small premium to the silver price and if they dont appreciate in price you will always have the silver, while the other stuff can carry a huge premium but might not be worth that and you got to know your shit and I dont think I know mine well enough.

Another reason why I am not pulling any triggers yet is, the falling prices of cards and if crypto taught me anything it is not the smartest to catch falling knives.

The Magic market and crypto seem to be a little bit related as well as prices of reserve list cards spiked, during and after the crypto gold rush and falling now as the crypto shit rush is continuing.

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You have to remember that duels are on the reserved list, have not been printed since Revised (OOP in 1995) and wont ever be printed again.

I have seen them rise in price over the years and I think it unlikely they will fall.

They are also staples in the Legacy and Vintage tournaments.

There's a lot of fakes around so do your homework if you buy. Revised are the cheapest, and Alpha the most expensive.


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I gave away all of the Magic Cards I had. Long ago and far away, but, totally agree that spiking prices don't make me comfortable at all.


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Friend @flipstar I have realized that this game really has many fans and I have many friends that they tell me that the game is usually addictive and currently I have a friend who lives in Portugal that has an extremely large collection and has many very important and valuable cards recently he told me that he has one that could cost about 1000 Euros.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


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