Free Lottery on Steem first draw

5개월 전

So its Wednesday and it is time for the first drawing of the Weekly FREE STEEM LOTTERY

The lottery works very simple. I have set up an automated curation with trusted content creators and the curation that is gained over the week is paid out as gains to one person drawn out of the list.
Another thing would be that we would put all participants on 1 daily auto vote depending on their % of the amount they put in (this will be so until we have enough members to get a decent vote on if this is wanted or not)

1 Steem delegated is one ticket in the lottery draw

For now the draw is quite simple:

500 Steem @felander
10 Steem @revisesociology

The curation was only part ok so it came to 0.018. A @swisswitness is a sponsor of the lottery they have decided to give a bit of Steem to be able to start to pay the first rewards.

Screenshot 2020-02-12 21.22.15

Screenshot 2020-02-12 21.23.49

If you have any remarks or can think of things that would help or make this more attractive let me know. If you know how I can automate some of this I would also be grateful. Also consider sharing this around for a little more traction


1 steem 10 steem 20 steem 50 steem 100 steem 250 steem 500 steem 1000 steem 2500 steem 5000 steem

our first post

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Just sent over some interesting idea.

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thanks, appreciate it, lets see if it takes off

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