gerbot update, ^buyers, ^sellers is back + more incoming



^sellers and ^buyers were most often used commands on gerbot, people like to know who's buying or selling their tokens.

When a few weeks ago steem-engine had problems with nodes, after replay I noticed that trade history missing names, and that command didn't work from that time. As a result, I wrote a script that streams blocks on steem-engine side-chain, checks output for market smart contract and match trades( it needed some math rules for proper matching, as info in blocks is not clear). That way I have my own trade history for steem-engine from the first trade, and my script is collecting it live :)

I am still at beginner-level with coding, but making everything on discord as the interface is very limiting, so when my script was collecting data( around 600k trades from the first trade to today ), I spent some time on learning web stuff and maybe in few days you will get access to my simple page where you can filter trade history, check charts, maybe even hourly charts but it probably doesn't look good :D :



If you have any ideas, suggestions, I am open for it, write a comment or catch me on discord :)

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Excellent work, you need to post more.

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