Could Cryptocurrencies Be On The Cusp Of Mass Adoption?

2년 전

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I came across an interesting article on which highlighted the pressing need to ensure that applications on different blockchain platforms can work seamlessly.

The article posited that 2020 will be a watershed year for the blockchain industry, when companies start to ensure that live applications work across different blockchain platforms.

The above development is extremely positive for cryptocurrencies, and I would like to put forth a bold scenario below:

1. Year 2020- Enterprise blockchain gets implemented on a large scale

2. Year 2021- Large and medium sized companies accept crypto payments

3. Year 2022- Small businesses accept crypto payments, initiating the onset of mass adoption for cryptocurrencies

Considering that the rate of change in the technological arena increases exponentially, my ostensibly audacious prediction may just turn out to be fairly accurate.

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Always hard to make accurate predictions, but yes, I too have the feeling we are on the cusp of mass adoption of this technology. Last bull market was based on a lot of speculation and hype, and during the past quieter period developers have kept working hard to make everything more practical. We're not there yet but in the next few years I would even expect to see countries launching their own governmental coins.