Why I think Steem Is Massively Undervalued

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Photo Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Steem is currently ranked 78 on Coinmarketcap.

In my humble opinion, the wide disparity between Steem's ranking on Coinmarketcap and its current sixth place ranking by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development and 19th place ranking by Weiss Crypto Ratings paints a sanguine outlook and indicates that Steem is massively undervalued.

Why do I think so?

Due to the below reason:

Coinmarketcap ranks cryptocurrencies based on market capitalisation, whereas China’s Center for Information and Industry Development and Weiss Crypto Ratings consider other factors such as technological development and innovation in ranking cryptocurrencies.

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I agree. Steem is completely underrated by the rest of the crypto space. Steem has practical applications that we can use in our everyday lives like social media (i.e. https://steemleo.com)... web shops (i.e. https://shop.steemleo.com) games (i.e. @splinterlands), Steemhunt etc. etc.

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It seems like you skipped a few dots when connecting them. The reasoning could be expanded in detail a little bit.

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