Is this the start of a bull run for Steem?


Hi Steemit Friends,

I turn my back on the market for a few days and things are moving up. BTC over 10k and Steem over 20c. The screenshot was from yesterday and even when I checked today, the price is pretty steady hovering around 22-23c. I love the fact we are back slowly on track overall. A few months back, I wrote about hoping we go back to the 50c mark as a milestone and we are nearly halfway there. If we want to see it back to $1 in the next few months will need a miracle. Deep down everyone wants to see it back where it used to be, but the reality is we need to show people why Steem should be back at $1.

Projects like Splinterlands and Steemhunt as I have always mentioned are ones we should be promoting more. They are solid projects moving us forward. They are not enclosed and have been reaching out to expand and this is what we need. Make people aware of us, make people know of us. Bringing positive new blood to the community and Steem holders is what we should aim for. Go Steem!



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