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Hi Steemit Friends,

I was surprised communities was pushed through so quickly as soon as Tron came into the picture. The promise for years was pushed out for us to use in less than a week. Impressed with the work so far. But I don't get communities. My aim here is to share my content with the community on Steemit, not a single community. I have been using Steem Leo's interface for a long time as I like the bar with the crypto prices as well as a nice and simple dash for users.

My understanding is it will cross-post to the community page but I will try with this post. I have read a few posts and some are confused with the features and how certain things work. I will certainly take some time out these few days to try out communities and never know I may like it and start using it rather than the "old school" interface.



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Think of each community as a subreddit on that site. If you are interested in a particular topic, say homesteading, you can go to that community and not have to sift through thousands of posts. If you fancy Real Madrid, that community could exist too.

Steemleo has its own community too and by using the Steemleo front end, posts are automatically put into the community.

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