Tron the new boss?


Hi Steemit Friends,

It feels like I am missing but in fact I haven't. I have been watching carefully with the new Tron development and live stream to determine what is best for everyone. It was pretty disappointing that not many questions were answered on the live stream, it is more a promo for Tron and their projects. I can clearly see relevant questions put forward by the Steemit community about the direction they intend to take, their future but everything was very vague.

I like our community on Steemit, I like the freedom of speech on this platform, I like the way we operate, I like the dapps we have developing, I like Steemit! Please don't change what we have which is working well. Justin, the thing we are lacking is exposure and that is what you need to work on for us, bring more positive energy to our platform and the crowd we need.


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hope it means good things soon for steem👍