Trying out the new game - Steemcity


Hi Steemit Friends,

A friend of mine has introduced a game called Steemcity. Basically a simple version of Simcity on the blockchain. It has a simple interface and can check status on discord. It is like a game of luck. You send Steem or SIM token to the game's account and you are randomly given some cards. They could either be a building, service or population. I have sent 20 Steem to try my luck and got many buildings but not enough people working for me. With buildings and no people, you can't make money. The other way around, if you have people and no work, no point.

There is also a marketplace to buy and sell your people or buildings. I noticed depending on the seller, you can pay in different tokens which is interesting. The other thing I like about the game, there is an auction available plus throwing parties. I am throwing a Beer party at the moment but not sure what this entitles me to. After the party ends, I will see what goodies I can possibly receive. Great concept, let's see for a few days how we can make this game fun and interesting.




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