#2020Vision Diary: Day 22

3년 전

Am I ready to travel this weekend? Not really, to be honest I haven't even thought about packing a suitcase. Maybe a change of scenery is good for me to get everything sorted out and stop living in the rat race. There so many things going on in my mind I feel the need to do a freewrite.

5 minutes... start now..

She ask me about my whereabouts
I told her I'm taking my mama out
For some gravy and some brussel sprouts

She ask me if my girl around
My wife asking me 'Who dis' and 'What that all about'
I told her its your daughter, don't be so loud

See I love my daughter, that's what this all about
She's has down some things that made her father proud
Even when in a tantrum or when using a stubborn mouth

She likes my style but still takes a different route
Being a fan of your daughter is what its all about
RIP Mamba and Mambacita #MambaOut

To be honest that felt good. I heard people talking about practicing a skillset for poetry today on the Radio, during which they also talked about freewriting. When I came back to Steemit in 2019, it was the freewriting community that made me feel at home, mainly through @mariannewest who I respect very much.

Me freewriting lately has been something of lunar eclipse, but I guess today it really helped me out. Today's freewrite prompt was brussels sprouts, which felt nice for an end rhyme poem/rap. More about today's prompt and freewriting, please visit Marianne's Steem account > https://steemit.com/hive-161155/@mariannewest/day-831-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-brussel-sprouts

To close off today's post, some photos of the family dinner with my parents this Monday. Usually we eat at my parents house every Monday, but due to my dad's travel schedule, we decided to make an exception and eat out.

My mom picked out a local restaurant that has a playground in the restaurant as well

This was very well received by the kids, especially my son, who doesn't like to wait for food at all

I myself had a mixed grill, with mashed potatoes and a pretty damn good side salad

Couldn't resist the cheesecake either

We are also currently having a visit of the District Governor of our Rotary District, so I decided to join the Rotaract/Interact meeting with the DG which was held yesterday, where the different Rotaract and Interact Clubs presented the projects they have done and will be doing this Rotary year.

A picture from the back of the room where the presentations were being held

_And yes, you guessed it, even here the legacy of Kobe Bryant lives on.

Today’s #2020Vision nomination:
Wondering if I've already nominated @mzsocialssmit :)

The #2020Vision Diary is a challenge as part of @pixiepost’s #2020Vision project.
Read more about it here.

My personal twist:
For me the main focus will be on posting 4 things I did every day instead of 4 creative pushups.


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Your kids are growing so much!!! And the food looks delicious. Thank you for your kind words :)


You're welcome! So grateful to have met you! Btw, visiting San Diego again soon ;)

And yes, the kids are growing fast! It is a really fun experience though.


Let me know when you are coming!! I know Derek would want to come down and we can try a San Diego Meetup again lol


Haha..this time around I'll make sure to show up as well 😅. Just have to convince @gvkanten and @ruthconstant to tag along.


sounds like a plan lol

22 days of awesomeness, keep it going


Thanks @fantacize! You have a very impressive streak going yourself 💪

Kids and business and blockchain and traveling. Sounds familiar and awesome.

Rotary and Chamber of Commerce are such great ways to be a successful entrepreneur and community member.

TCM bar.jpg


Yup. I guess they go well together.

Btw, not sure if I responded to the Suriname - Canada comparison, but Canada is actually quiet involved here. Basically, our 'State Lotery' is run by the Canadian Bank Note and there is a big stake in gold mining as well.


I had no idea!

Typical north american not knowing the details of places across the pond!

I do remember Suriname in a past life dealing with Barrick Gold and another Canadian mining company. Hopefully we are treating your ecology better than other mining companies generally do.