#2020Vision Diary: Day 26

3년 전

Yes, I'm proud. Not because I'm fully recovered (I'm not) or I'm allowing myself to fully recover (which I'm not doing either... insert angry face..). But because yesterday felt like the first meaningful day of February.

That may not sound like much, but this really is a special year. It is my first year for me accepting myself for who I am. My first year really looking up where I am after years of pushing through to the mud. I've often looked back to see how far I've walked, but not always at the bigger picture. As someone who can proudly put to Academic Master titles next to his name, I prefer practicality over theory (note to self: elaborate on that in the future).

After a couple of relatively sick days, I spend a day with the family and still got some work done. Me and my wife also had our first date in awhile, which was a lot of fun. And yes, no pictures as no phones were involved during that date. And she I looking forward to no phones being involved in our upcoming trip, so I have some work cut out for myself the following days. Again... anyone know a way to schedule posts on the Steem blockchain?

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at 11.10.17 PM.jpeg
Did take a picture of my lunch. We ended up at a shopping centre where we also went to the last time we were visiting my in-laws. Had a delicious salmon panini.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at 11.10.19 PM.jpeg
Best part, the restaurant has a nice small playing area, which the kids started using immediately upon arrival. No time to even take the coats off :)...

The #2020Vision Diary is a challenge as part of @pixiepost’s #2020Vision project.
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My personal twist:
For me the main focus will be on posting 4 things I did every day instead of 4 creative pushups.


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That salmon looks amazing. Ironically, I am having some tonight for dinner lol. I did answer your scheduling question in the comment section on your last post. Not sure if you saw it, but it's there :)

I am really glad you are feeling better & that you are beginning to accept other aspects of yourself after a long time. I started doing this more through the past year & it's called integration of the shadow self. There's no perfect person, just perfect intentions. Sometimes, we have to take care of OURSELVES first before we can succeed in helping others (business or personal-wise). It took me a long time to figure that out, but it's such an important lesson.

Sending pixie dust & positive vibes ... thank you for continuing to #pushon in the #2020Vision challenge.🧚‍♀️🙌🦄💜🐠

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Waw.. thanks for the wise words @pixiepost! Yes. Making time for yourself is very important and we often neglect it. Good one for a Twitter question for tomorrow.

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