Thoughts Again On Shifting From Steemit To SteemTron

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The Justin sun's acquisition of steem is no longer news and the most worried of people are actually the stakeholders. Yesterday I saw @theycallmedan's AMA yesterday night (Dan is someone I hold in high esteem as related to matters that concerns Steem and in character as well) and while he seem to be really hopeful, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty, probably because Sun hasn't really stated his goals or the real reasons why he has been interested in steemit in the first place and why he's gone a long way to a acquire it from the non existent @ned. Personally I feel I don't know Justin Sun and his way of doing business, I don't know his character as a person or as a business inclined person. He might be a millionaire with lots of money but can we really read his goals by just looking at the way he's come with Tron his darling project?

Personally I also feel we needn't speculate anymore, steemit has been sold and there is nothing anyone can do about this there's been up to 85% negativity about this hand over and personally @ned should have been more open minded and communicative. In earnest the negativity about this buy from Justin Sun has brought a kind of FOMO and I've even seen a lot of people started their power down as well as bidding goodbye to this place. In earnest I feel Tron wants this community called steem and he might as well doesn't, we can't tell, I just feel that there things Sun needs to address in this AMA. Firstly I think steem might be too sophisticated for him to understand and he might make mistake as a result of this. There are issues concerning how he's going to handle the witness thingy, because that's the major governance behind the system.

First I feel a sort of indirect rule will be the best for Sun's new acquisition, that way steem maintain its core values, it's community and what it stands for. However I guess this is majorly the main reason why people are getting all worked up. Sun will be a sole dictator allegedly as to what I've read from a lot of people, but it doesn't have to be so. Sun has some of the best developers that's true but can this mean steem will be made better or merged into a sort of some confederal system?, I believe Sun will succeed with steem, do better and make this place better if he doesn't just change everything overnight I noticed the steem community is known to be restless when something huge happens and I blamed this on @ned, he's gone now and he's made the mega bucks he wanted leaving us exposed in the open.

However I do not want to be negative at all. Sun can improve steem tremendously, bringing that popularity we want if he's got good visions for the community for the dapp and its authorities or users. Another thing is, people wants to know what's next for stake holders, what's next for dapps like dtube, I personally wants to know if the blockchain will still have things like ROI, businesses and well the immutable system that has brought us thus far. It's definitely been a long ride and @ned might have just fucked us or done us a favour, we can't really tell since he was the devil we knew. In essence I love steem I love being on steemit, I love earning steem and I love investing, creating content and enjoying the support of the community. If Sun can guarantee this, then we might be fine

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What does this mean about our original content? With steemit being sold. I'm worried now that I need to pull everything off


Don't pull, wait for Sun's official livestream before you decide