Ban the bankers

6개월 전

dollar bil one pixa.jpg

When the old money printer goes brrrrr
and 2 trillion appear with a trrrrrr
though at last, they say, we have a deal
when in fact there’s still more left to steal

fleece the sheep, they will say now, don’t slaughter
keep them sleeping or dead in the water
sitting ducks or like fish in a barrel
lipstick pigs in the finest apparel

trickle down yes but not quite to you
living paycheck to paycheck it’s true
but you don’t qualify not at all
for those peanuts to others will fall

unemployment and soup lines arrive
if you’re lucky and now still alive
but the dying are luckier still
to escape those elites on the hill

Here’s 1 trillion a day for the banks
repo rate but just watch as it tanks
pyramid scheme at its very best
evil eye in the triangle blessed

Fond goodbye to the old world now gone
never more will you hear freedom’s song
Trumple down economics for who
since it’s not there for me or for you

Its the banks and big finance who reap
all that harvest not us little sheep
new world order and digital cash
full surveillance you basket of trash

Many more now who will have to suffer
if they cannot sing for their supper
many more will line up now to die
getting real now and we know just why

Bildeberg had it planned all along
I am right but even if I’m wrong
crisis going to waste no not ever
that’s why it’s up to us now or never

so locked down as we hide from the plague
when locked up they should be in the Hague
criminals that are too big to fail
central bankers should all go to jail

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