Huobi Listing + HIVE Jumps 60% in Price, Here's Why That Impacts the Fundamental Development | LeoFinance Podcast #37

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What a day! HIVE is up over 60% in price on the news that Huobi is listing your friendly-neighborhood cryptocurrency.

There are a lot of amazing developments on Hive, but when the price jumps like this it has an exponential impact on the pace and scope of those developments.

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For one, you see more creators/users interested in blogging/using the blockchain so they can earn more HIVE from the rewards pool.

Even more profound, however, is the impact that the price has on the DAF: Decentralized Autonomous Funding — on Hive.

The DAF has increased in value from $9 million to $15 million basically overnight. In the broader crypto space, people may consider these numbers to be next-to-nothing. On a blockchain like Hive, however, these numbers are incredibly impactful. The reason being that the funds are open, transparent and are rewarded in a decentralized manner.

Would $9 million or $15 million motivate you — as an individual developer or even as a developer group — to put out a proposal to improve the blockchain in exchange for a portion of those funds?

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In This Episode:

  • HIVE Price Jump
  • Huobi Global Listing HIVE
  • Hobi Airdropping HIVE
  • Bittrex Marketing HIVE
  • Fundamental Developments of Hive and How a Price Increase Impacts Them
  • Decentralized Autonomous Funding Mechanism on Hive

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I actually ended up buying DEC with HIVE during the last few weeks and missed out on this for the most part. On the other hand, DEC went up too. So I'm doing OK at the end.