Steemleo Show #18 | Steem Community Rallies to Defeat Justin Sun

2년 전

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Today is a much happier day than yesterday.

We saw Justin Sun walk up, collude with Binance, Huobi and Poloniex to steal our Steem car.

After he stole the car by installing his own top 20 sock puppet witnesses (all running on 1 node, btw), his team got to work on a hard fork that would solidify some of the bullshit tactics that he’s been spewing. Effectively disrupting Steem as we know it.

The community did not have any of this. Today, we’ve spent countless hours on Twitter and Steem in order to rally support and vote in the previous top 20 witnesses back into consensus. As of this writing, we are now at 6 out of the 20 witnesses in power and it is growing every hour.

Over the course of the next 12 hours, I believe we will once again have consensus majority (16/20 witnesses) and will be back in the driver’s seat of the Steem Blockchain. From there, we can figure out how to proceed with Justin Sun. I assume we will install the decline_voting_rights operation to his stake, at the least, and essentially tell him to become a silent investor.

We don’t need him. We’re stronger without him and without people who are just as bad (or even worse) than Ned.

Today is a great day for Steem. Celebrate this day and don’t forget to vote for your REAL witnesses.

If you don’t know how to vote for witnesses or don’t want to know (or spend the time to do it). There’s an easy solution — vote @steem.leo as your proxy witness.

By doing this, you give us the effective power of your witness vote (doesn’t impact your voting power on steem rewards) and directs it toward the witnesses that we vote on.

Click this link to set steem.leo as your proxy or head over to a site like to do it manually.

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Thanks for these episodes and including the relevant hyperlinks in the posts. Undoubtedly, these episodes will be an invaluable resource for historians researching this fascinating moment in time.

It's pretty awesome to see the community rally like this! THAT, indeed, makes this a great day.

BUT... we need to keep going and keep getting people to vote, so we can not only regain all the top witness spots, but make it so that Justin Sun would have to invest millions more to close the gap back up with his sock puppets. Being ahead by a whisker is not enough with this character, I fear...


Posted via Steemleo

yea lets defeat Justin Sun who in their right mind would want mass adoption and a huge increase in the price

It has been a great two days for the steem community but as you say, we are bit yet in the driver's seat so we must keep pushing. Nice work @khaleelkazi!

Posted via Steemleo

@khaleelkazi seeing the communities rally like this do really give me joy especially the way the steemleo community is doing an awesome work....

Posted via Steemleo

  ·  2년 전

i pray the defeat is successful...

Posted via Steemleo

Did you set you guys as proxy but I have done my part to vote for the witnesses. Unfortunately, I have to unvote some of the lower ranked witnesses in favor of the higher ranked ones since only they have a chance to usurp those puppet/fake witnesses from Tron.

More details in my tweet,

Posted via Steemleo

Alright, alright, alright. I just spend the past hour commenting all over the place saying how I won't vote for this (and never vote for anything).
I'm not sure how, but you compelled me to change my mind. I'll set SteemLeo as my proxy so I can help get things "back to normal" again.

Posted via Steemleo

Already voted our witnesses👍

Posted via Steemleo

I had already voted for the "old" top 20. Let's keep the fight for survival on...

Posted via Steemleo

Tron is ok. We just need to learn more about the deal.



Posted via Steemleo

maybe, maybe, maybe if Justin apologizes publicly, sing a contract for use all steemit funds... maybe, maybe. also exchanges need to sweat for few weeks to feel what they did.

Good work, thanks!

The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.