Tech Talk #1 With @taskmaster4450: How Tech Adoption is Accelerating in Real Estate, Education and Medicine

6개월 전

Welcome back to another episode of the LeoFinance podcast. Today is the first episode of the new “Tech Talk” series with me (@khaleelkazi) and @taskmaster4450 (technologist and crypto investor).

In this new series, we’ll meet once a week to record a podcast episode and talk about the intersection of tech and finance. The goal here is to talk about the bigger picture when it comes to tech adoption, financial markets and sectors that are ripe for disruption.

We will evolve as we continue to talk and find new ways to discuss these innovations that are happening around us. If you’d like to hear us talk about a specific topic, feel free to drop a comment down below and give us some more ideas.

Show Notes:

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In This Episode:

  • 3 major sectors that are ripe for tech disruption
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Medicine
  • The accelerated adoption of technology in all industries in light of the Covid pandemic
  • Access over ownership

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