Splinterlands - Serpenine Spy (Weekly Battle Post)

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Serpentine Spy is an Untamed card and I lack in an Untamed collection as currently I am building on an alpha set. However due to how useful I think Serpentine Spy is I have invested in a level 3 card and have used it a lot when I have fire splinter. The ability opportunity I think is very useful and with fire summoner Malric it makes Serpentine that much more power in melee matches. Below is one of many battles where I use Serpentine.

The Battle

The rule sets were AimTrue and Equalizer. All melee and range attacks will hit opponent and health was equal to all monsters based on highest monster health. The way I saw it is Serpentine was a must with Equalizer likely giving the monster an extra boost. Also the match limited with 22 mana, which may fire a easier choice. Here are the battle results.

My Formation

I started out with Cerberus as tank monster followed by Giant Roc, Serpentine, Kobold as middle attackers. Finish off my Ooze and Fire Demon. The formation gave me a +17 total in melee attack and +3 in range. Solid attacking formation as every monster except Ooze would be able to attack in first round. I did not want to put Serpentine to far ahead in the formation since its opportunity ability allows it to attack from any position. Ideally it would be best to put it near the end of the pack but I wanted Ooze to stay alive a little longer.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent formation is mostly Untamed monsters with a solid tank in Lava followed by Kobold, Pixies, Fire Elemental, and finishing off with Ooze and Furious Chicken. A major drawback in the formation is that Pixies and Elemental will be rendered useless when they are in the front of formation, however assuming my opponent is predicting that with equalizer it would allow for both of their range monsters to stay alive longer.

The Battle Results

After watching round 1 of the match I realized Equalizer was literally negating my Serpentine Spy. Spy was able to attack only the lead monster since all monsters' health was the same. By the middle of round 2 my Cerberus was knocked out and Giant Roc was down to a couple of health. Luckily my Roc, Spy and Demon was able to knock out the front monsters Lava and Kobold that gave way to a extended match of survive of the fittest. My original assumptions of my opponent's weaken in using range monsters near the front of their formation was coming true. As Pixies lead the formation it was easily knocked out and then so was Fire Element. Oddly my Kobold was mostly useless as it took 4 rounds to knock out Furious Chicken. If your interested in watching the battle here is the link..

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