Crypto Independence: Wise Money Management Tips For Conscious Lifestyle Design


Living out of a car & tent.

It sounds like the “rock bottom” scenario, one that is often the low point of a story.

Yet in this case, it’s been a deliberate choice out the absolute freedom to do so.

(Spoiler: for the duration of 2-3 months while camping & mountain biking.)

These are the “why’s” for crypto.

Financial sovereignty.

Locationally-independent wealth.

Wealth not measured in numbers or material goods, but the capacity to do as one pleases on their own terms.

Checking out of the rat-race to pursue what life experiences beckon.

Transcending conventions & norms to live according to one’s own standards.


A few years ago, I thought a $4 million luxury condo and Porsche was the benchmark for success wherein I’d find contentment. Granted, it was a fantasy without roots in reality reality, as I lost 95% of my net worth in the bear market and marriage shortly after before getting even halfway there.

Yet here, in a hammock, staring out over a river flowing through a mountain valley at dusk, a minute walk from the tent & Honda Civic that could be called home, there’s an almost-shocking peace & satisfaction with how this story turned out instead.

And I owe it to crypto.

Of course, it was actually the culmination of 15 years or so of hard groundwork laid to seize the opportunity crypto provided.

There was alot of study, preparation, and trial-and-error that went into the foundation upon which my initial bit of “luck” manifested - both in regards to the writing which attracted the initial rewards that became investment capital on Steemit and the wealth of knowledge which activated the capacity to discern where/how to effectively allocate that capital to multiply it.

Sure, it didn’t take a degree in rocket science (pun intended) to profit in 2017’s bull run. Though the “success” was not random.

And even upon losing nearly two million Canadian dollars - life-changing money by any definition - there were profoundly priceless lessons in the experience which entirely recalibrated my values & priorities so as to prepare me for wiser money management in the future - and pass on some nuggets of wisdom that might shorten the learning curve for a few others and save them the costly, painful mistakes I made.

If someone told me three years ago to be more modest with my desires and strive for a minimalistic lifestyle, I probably wouldn’t have listened. (Truth be told, my wife tried... her wise counsel falling on deaf ears.)

Though now... yeah.

I wanted the big money off the bat. And I was overoptimistic about how fast the market would moon. Consequentially, I didn’t intelligently take profits and budget them for a few years worth of comfortable living expenses. (A move that would’ve taken only a mere 10% of my portfolio.)

Note: taking a long-term outlook at realistic market projections and devising a tiered exit strategy with plans for how to allocate those profits over a course of years while riding out future market cycles... 💡😉⭐️

Thankfully, I did live frugally even during the peak as a millionaire. Not spending excessively allowed me to retain a good chunk of my portfolio - providing a solid setup for the next bull run. (Though I had also accumulated and been carrying a hefty amount of debt for the last two years - which could potentially be a reasonable strategic move if timed right, which I had not done so well.)

It was always my vision to accumulate a nest egg first, which would earn the interest to passively cover expenses for the rest of this lifetime. And because of that approach, my portfolio is still poised to realistically hit that target by the end of the next bull run. Had I submitted to the temptation to buy a Lambo, Rolex, T&A upgrade for wifey, and a bigger apartment, however, I’d probably be significantly more stressed at this point having sacrificed a larger chunk of my golden goose for temporary pleasures.

Note: Opportunity Cost.

While toys are fun and flashy things are great to look at, the cost of tapping an investment portfolio for unnecessary presents before harvest time can turn out to be the difference between financial freedom and wage slavery.

Yeah, luxurious international travel and the opulent life might sound great. Though is it really worth it if a solid foundation to keep going with the basics isn’t firmly established?

What’s truly a better deal: the Lambo, or the money that’d buy it multiplying while living modestly on your own terms with a security to sustain yourself long-term without having to panic-scramble upon a market crash?


Opportunities like those we’re sitting on with (certain investments in) crypto come around only once or twice in a lifetime.

The last time we saw opportunity like this was probably back when companies like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook first went public. And even those may not have been as profitable as a handful of solid crypto tokens.

The next bull market will be different than the last.

Investors have learned and become more saavy. We’re not going to see the same kind of money thrown at everything in the space. Hype will not drive prices in the same way fundamentals will.

Though, there will be a number of solid investments that can produce those life-changing kind of returns.

There are a handful that are not merely gambles, but significantly strong vehicles for generating the type of financial freedom that allows a person to live on their own terms.

Unlocking such types of opportunities requires knowledge and preparation.

One cannot expect to loosely throw around money without truly understanding the value propositions and fundamentals, hoping to “get lucky.” The selection of strong projects to add to one’s portfolio is a very deliberate choice when playing to win. Such choices require diligence in doing one’s homework, the responsibility for understanding the landscape, and a connection with one’s instincts/intuition to ensure the values align and there is resonance.

Even a great project with high upside potentials can turn out to be a poor investment decision, should there not be total alignment.

Should one invest based on profit-based motivations alone, they are more likely to get in and out at the wrong times - greed distorting perception and interfering with the senses necessary to attune to the market and perceive other opportunities which may be better suited to both that individual’s values, planetary vision, and investment strategies that may actually work best for them.

(Yes, values. Yes, planetary vision. Yes, individualized strategies.)


Why this all matters?

Because there are a number of people reading this right now who have the opportunity to act on it - and enter the realm of financial sovereignty via correctly-chosen crypto investments and their wise management.

(And if I didn’t at least plant a few seeds and play my role in paying forward these pointers, it’d be an immense failure.)

Financial slavery is a shitty place to be. And it’s a position alot of people are in. And perhaps even more may be entering, given the current economic transformations underway.

Crypto may only be one of several highly significant trends which people can ride the wave of to successfully transition into the new world. Though it’s one very easily accessible with an incredible leverage for returns on energy invested.

There are people getting wrecked right now.

And there are those positioning themselves to surf the waves of change and end up well off as the page turns.

The above are merely a few simple pointers & guidelines from 4.5 years of personal experience. However, acted correctly upon, they’re nuggets of wisdom that can assist a person in recalibrating their life to entirely different frequencies whereon/wherein the type of wealth they desire actually lies.

Maybe for some, that looks like Lambos, pimpin’ condos, and big-tittied bitches.

Though with a downgrade of humility and heart-based focus, the potentials of financial sovereignty & consciously designing one’s lifestyle drastically go up asthe simpler one’s vision gets.

Granted, those with families may not have the same degree of freedom to float freely through the wilderness for months on end, living out of a car & tent. (Or desire does that particular experience.) Yet several do in RVs. (Or travel abroad in different ways.)

And as forces outside of our control continue to alter the environment of our societal atmospheres along with economic conditions, there may be an increasing number of us exploring such alternative means of living.

Even if finding/creating new ways of generating income to support the lifestyle of a digital nomad, crypto is a pretty damn good vehicle for multiplying that income into something allowing such lifestyles a longer-term sustainability - so long as attuned to the market cycles, seizing the correct opportunities in a bull run, reallocating & planning accordingly for the bear runs.

(Some people think it was a joke that. $300 investment in XRP - would have been $200 a couple weeks ago when sharing about it - may realistically turn into a million over 5-10 years time... because they have not researched and understood the fundamentals for themselves. Funny how even when having a map laid out bluntly in front of them, some people will overlook the obvious and take themselves out of the game - instead making choices on guesses, hopes, and ideological biases that become losing gambles. I speak from personal experience, having done it.)


So yeah, to each their own...

Though for those who aim to liberate themselves via crypto investing, these few small tips may prove all the difference when grasped and implemented.

No boring, technical, textbook-ish principles. Just some basic common sense - which all-too-often can get clouded by the emotion of fear & greed which drives markets and personal investment decisions along the journey.

For real: these are the essential basics. No further elaboration is really needed, as these key insights really feel to be the core of a successful crypto-investing endeavor.

Do your homework and choose your investments correctly. Minimize expenditures until solid passive income justifies increasing them. Manage funds with a long-term individualized strategy in alignment with personal values & planetary vision. Always weigh in opportunity cost.

There may be no simpler formula for establishing a financial base from which to unleash the creativity of lifestyle design according to one’s yearnings for freedom, travel, and stepping off the beaten path with a certainty in the security of its sustainability.

Take what thou wilt.

Discard what thou won’t, should you think you know better and assume the reckless risks of a path more suitable to appeasing the egoic desires for quick results and extravagant rewards.

As the ladies say in Thailand:

”Up to you...”



Y’all are big boys & girls, responsible for doing your own homework and decision-making according to your personal goals & preferences. Yada, yada, yada.

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great advice.

wish I had taken profits to in 2018.