Bitcoin - 2/5/20 - Dang! Nailed that long 13% gain! What's next? Plus my case for 25k Bitcoin!

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Well that last blog made me look good, as I said I was going long and boy did we get bullish! As of right now my gain from last blog is just under 14%! Zooming out the the daily its clear to see what's going on. Let's take a look...chart2520.png
Simple enough right? I will be making plays here! And taking my own advice!

So zooming out here really made things clear! So I decided to zoom out again and boy I like what I see! Let's take a look at the monthly!
Could it be true? Let's hope! That's all for now, don't have a ton of time so trading on the daily! This is not financial advice, this is my trading journal. Good luck and good day!

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What's next?

10k in the short to midterm I'd say. The question however is, if it is going to stay at this level. Shortly after the halving it might as well be the case that the price will actually decline a bit: people are waiting for a magical explosion of the price, this is most likely not going to happen shortly after. It usually takes a couple of months after the halving for that to happen.


I’d like to see 8k and then 10k, but we could see 10k first. We’ve been pretty parabolic,we are gonna have to give some back at some point. Yes people are expecting higher price due to the halving and yes bitcoin usually moves in the opposite direction that people think! 😂😂

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I’d like to see 8k and then 10k

Me too 😄 I also think that we'll see 10k first (right now we are very close) and then we'll go back to 8k.