Bitcoin - 2/8/20 - Price reversal? I think so....

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Shortly after I posted my last blog I was chatting with @cpufronz he was thinking we were headed towards the 10k range. I was defending my reversal position and as I was saying that the price was steadily increasing!! 🤦‍♂️This is why I made no reference of a short, more of a buy once prices go down. Finally it seems we are running out of steam. Let's check the chart...chart2820.png
Bearish divergence means a reversal. No need to update targets as they really haven't changed, because we really haven't gone up to much in price. I will only adjust if we go up more, which would disprove my count. Let's wait and see! I still am thinking reversal to the 8.7/8.4 range before 10k. This is not financial advice, this is my trading journal. Good luck and good day!

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We reached 10k 😃

But now I don't really know where we are going next. I think that the price will hang around in the 10k range for a while. Personally I'm hoping for the 8k levels you mentioned, but Crypto is crazy and therefore the 13k we had last summer are also possible.


You were right sir!! And my count is wrong! Back to the drawing board!

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