Bitcoin - 3/16/20 - Target nailed! Called another one! What next?

7개월 전

Tough to say what's gonna happen next, but short term I think we are going up,so I'm laying out some shorts. Let's look at last weeks blog to see how I nailed it!

Ok let's look a little shorter term to see where to jump in and hit this long.
That's a bull flag if I have ever seen one. Long term we are headed down one more time past below $3900. Just not yet. This is not financial advice, this is my trading journal. Good luck and good day!

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Nice take. Also fits the narrative of a pump pre-halving and a dump post-halving. Let's see how it plays out


Maybe even more short term than that, I’m expecting one more corona virus dip. The final bottom before rallying to halving highs(whatever those might be). I’m a big believer in Elliot Wave. That big dip was a 3rd wave or “motive wave” then 4th wave up and then the final 5th wave down. Final corona dip if you will. Time will tell! Thanks for the vote and comment!

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I guess trading right now must be very crazy. But on the bright side (if you play the long game), Bitcoin is super cheap at the moment :)