Scaredy Cat Investor Show - Interview Replay: POCKETNET Project w/ @diverse

4개월 전

If you missed us live then come listen to my conversation with @diverse as we discuss an exciting new blockchain project called PocketNet.

Do you love decentralization?

Do you love the non-existence of a central entity?

Do you love a platform to easily build Dapps on?


Then you will love PocketNet!

Find them here:
Join them on discord:

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wow,what a very interesting conversation....

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blockchain projects like the pocketnet is the reason why i find blockchain to be an interesting place to explore...thank you guys for this awesome project...@diverse and @scaredycatguide

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i love the fact that this good project supports decentralization and using the platform is free and easy....

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building dapps on the platform will make it to be more useful and effective and i love the idea behind the "pocketnet" project..kudos to the creators...

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