Community: How Powerful We Truly Are In The Fight To End Tyranny

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The Steem Community is proving to the entire cryptocurrency space what is truly important when it comes to decentralized networks.

Many want to focus upon the particular blockchain. While the technical specifics are important, it is the community that is vital. This is on display for the entire space to watch, especially the last few days.


It is important to remember that a blockchain is nothing more than a database. Essentially, it is a public ledger that tracks transactions. In other words, it is a glorified accounting system akin to Excel on steroids.

For this reason, there is little to get excited about. Unless you are one who is really into the boring and mundane world of data recording, one database is no different from any other. They operate in the background and, as long as they do their job, they are invisible.

It is funny how we do not have this same view of things in the centralized world. When you watch Netflix, are you concerned what cloud servers they are operating on. Do you only utilize those companies that use AWS because you are an "Amazon-Person"? In fact, when watching Netflix, are you concerned which server they are pulling from?

Of course, this would be absurd.

However, this is exactly what we do in the decentralized blockchain world. We see people touting the database system. Steem proved who misguided this is.

Steem is about community. That is something that we espoused for a long time. It was the calling card of this ecosystem. In fact, since it is the strongest community, Sun might have chosen the one of the few blockchains that was going to give him trouble. He simply rolled through Lino. With Steem, it was like he attacked everyone's home.

We still do now know how the situation is going to work out.

One thing I can say is that it is vital to remember that it is not the database location that is vital. Forking a blockchain means nothing more than a new place where the data is recorded. Ultimately, it comes down to the applications and front ends that people are using. I mean, seriously, do Splinterland players really care where the JSON transactions are going?

The key to all of this is to remain free. That is the crux of the problem with Sun in my opinion. He talks about decentralization yet all his actions tell the opposite story. To him, it is about control. Over the last few weeks, he exercised his power on a number of occasions; not only with Steem.


We are paving the way for great insight going forward. The time is come for us to say that no longer are we going to allow anyone to force communities into anything. Sun showed early on his intention was to "force" the community and DApps onto Tron. To him, the STEEM token and Steem blockchain meant nothing.

That is not true for those who spent a lot of time on here. Again, the blocckhain does not refer to the data structure that is being used but the community that developed around it.

I think it necessary to mention that we are all trailblazers. This is a grand experiment that appears to be working. The entire crypto-sphere is making progress. There certainly are hiccups along the way but we are moving forward. Steem's place is already solidified in history.

Now it is up to us to keep the story going. We are building something very powerful here. With thousands of highly dedicated people, imagine what we would be able to do with tens, or even, hundreds of thousands of people with the same mindset.

Ultimately, the battle of decentralization versus centralization is about the fight to end tyranny. Communities, in whatever form they exist, are pushed around on a daily basis. This has existed for thousands of years.

Today, we have the technology to start altering that basis of life. While the situation with Steem is not major, on a global scale, it is one of those instances within a new paradigm that will help to forge a new path going forward.

Collectively, we do have a lot of power and decentralization, along with open source, allows us to say "no".

This is not something that tyranny likes to hear.

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We are now together but we must always be together in the future.

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You have used the word decentralization 6 times in the article. However, due to voting rule 30 for 1 Steem blockchain is highly centralized, what is more, this rule allowed exchanges to take over all 20 top witnesses earlier this week. What is your stance on Steem decentralization and security risk caused by that rule?

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this is the best time for all of us to come together as one and tackle the current issues completely....@taskmaster4450

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We are not the ones that are fighting. Dictatorship is fighting to take our decentralization and free speech.


Unfortunatelly it's not exactly true. It's a fight where both sides were trading low blows. And our community is promoting hate and "us versus him" narrative :(

This is exactly what thougt the Steemit is abouth.... great....

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Now matter who buys the company thus is our platform, our work, our baby. We will prevail, we a strong together.

When you watch Netflix, are you concerned what cloud servers they are operating on. Do you only utilize those companies that use AWS because you are an "Amazon-Person"? In fact, when watching Netflix, are you concerned which server they are pulling from?

Well, I do. I usually do this sort of things. I am a researcher scientist. A very curious one. And very often I like to explore, investigate and snooping nosedive in this kind of things just to know where I am standing.

You know, solely with the intention to be aware of all the existent points of failure of the things outta my close control on which I'm relying upon and then be able to react diligently and quickly enough to prevent in advance the chaos and how I should react to those possible/potential adverse scenarios with a fast response & substitute that helps to improve those feared situations as soon as possible.

Of course, this would be absurd.

Haha, well, nope. Not much absurd at all. It used to be called caution, planification and prevention.

But yeah, I admit I'm probably just an old curious beast with some odd not very common technical skills. :)

I value your opinion @taskmaster4450

However I found it saddening that narrative "us versus him" is so strongly promoted. I cannot imagine any project being succesful, knowing that main investor is being rejected by community.

Imagine what may happend if one day he will decide that he need to cut costs and that buying steemit was the worst investment ever. This is what we should be scared the most. If he would abandon this "ship".

Yours, Piotr

Why? Didn't you do this when Ned was here?He works harder for Steam than Ned, and he paid Steam.He's not the one you'll blame but at least he should be respected.