Hive To Go Live Friday: Sometimes A Step Back Is A Step Forward


For those of you who are glued to the television keeping up on the coronavirus, there was a major addition that those who are involved with Steem can take advantage of.

After weeks of speculation that there was going to be a new blockchain created, it was announced yesterday that Hive is going live on Friday.


This was the result of the ongoing uncertainty with Justin Sun and the future of Steem. Since his purchase of Steemit Inc, the community and Sun were at odds over the direction of the blockchain. This resulted in a still pending battle for the consensus witnesses.

Out of this decision, many members of the community are basically saying that Sun can have Steem. In short, the database is not as important as the community.

Does this mean Steem is going away?

That all depends upon Sun and the Witnesses that result. The great thing about blockchains is that, as long as someone is running the software, it will be ongoing. What is the bigger question is who will be using it?

A lot of discussion was made about will people switch or will they not. To me, that all depends upon the applications that people use. Going forward, will people prefer Hive or Steem is secondary. Perhaps from a blogging perspective, this is the case. However, if we look at applications such as Appics, Actifit, Splinterlands, HolyBread, and many of the tribes, users who are dedicated to those will likely continue using them regardless of where they are posting to.

That said, this is a major show of force for decentralization.

Throughout this endeavor, the community came together. Many viewed Sun's actions as a hostile threat. Even John McAfee stated that one can buy a company but not a community.

Forking is the ultimate defense against centralization. This is where individuals have the ability to exert their will as opposed to having the desires of one (or a certain few) shoved down their throats.

Many question the wisdom of going backwards. Sometimes, to move forward a step back is required.

One of the issues was the fact that the new token, Hive, will not be on exchanges. This is certainly a problem and getting exchange listing is not easy. However, the community, I believed, earned some goodwill in the crypto world, something that extends to exchanges.

Here is a comment that was left in a post which shows there is at least one exchange (in addition to Blocktrades) that will be offering the token.


I would not be surprised to see a lot of smaller exchanges jump on the opportunity to list Hive as a way to stick it to Binance and some of the other larger exchanges.


Was Steem a failed experiment?

This is a question that will take some time to answer. Again, a lot depends upon what happens with those who are running the blockchain after part of the community departs. Steem still have a lot to offer and there are many who are dedicated to it that could make it thrive.

That said, I think it is safe to say that Steemit Inc was a failed experiment. This translated into Steem being stagnant and not growing like it could have. It is unfortunate but that is what unfolded.

Of course, the lessons learned are what makes the potential so great. One of the main benefits of starting a new chain is that the community is free of Steemit Inc along with the roadblocks it presented. This could mean faster development and improved features for the end users.

For many, the vision of Steem is now being, hopefully, translated onto a new chain without the albatross that plagued Steem. Hive is a new opportunity to implement the tenets that many of us posted about for years on end. A move like this is only going to enhance the entire crypto space.

Why do I believe that Hive will thrive?

For the same reason I thought Steem was going to be a major game changer: the experience, ability, and desire of the community. While the name changed, many of the participants did not. This is our most valuable asset.

A great project will not be held down by a fork. If Sun etal have a vision and a solid plan for Steem, it also can be successful. I will not state that it is dead. However, since that vision is unclear, the community has to take the steps necessary to ensure its long term outlook is implemented.

That is what Hive is all about.

And this is another step in the progress of decentralization. I honestly do not think that fact can be emphasized enough.

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Those next 13 weeks of power down are going to be so long!!! Especially when STEEM gonna drop day after day because people leaving it.

I am waiting for you to change your banners ;D


The second one will change, but you are correct, the first is really not relevant now.

I will have to think up something else. Any ideas @tobetada?

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Steemit is not Steem

Steem is much bigger than Steemit

And Hive is much bigger than Steem(it)


Hello Task

As you may know, my major holdings are in Steem-Engine tokens. If the break-off team of Hive chooses to Award the new token based on all Steem and Steem-Engine tokens, I will gladly support the new venture and maintain the old steem accounts as well. As far as divesting either, that is not part of the operating plan. @underground is the main acct. of course.

Do you have any info on these things?

PS: seems this month's NEO Haul is clearly going to be a new record...
On course to EASILY Blow past 20k and maybe even 22k for the month!

Posted via | The City of Neoxian


@aggroed said he was going meet with Matt today regarding the process with Steem-engine. As of when he was speaking, there was little information out. So Steem-engine is up in the air.

Here is what I do know:

-Steem-engine will not go away. It is going to be ongoing.
-SE will support the new token.
-SE will support the community.

I am sure there will be a period of transition.

As for the NEO token, it will come down to where that community ends up. If it is going to be on Hive, that is where you will need to curate. I would envision most tribes moving over but not all.

As a layer 2 solution, the SE tokens are distributed off chain...thus there might be the opportunity to perhaps earn from two sources.

We will have to see how things unfold. There will likely be SE tokens on Steem with others on SE.

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If the Hivers make an honest attempt to honor our sidechain investments, and S-E is on the new chain, yada yada ll that, then I will be hot and heavy wherever I can! I suspect after a relatively short shaking out, both tokens should grow past the initial values, barring some gross mismanagement. 💪😎👍
I was planning an ORCA push on steem until this... now I must pause.


Posted via | The City of Neoxian


I think the Hivers will honor it since they are the same people. It is up to each tribe whether they move over or not. Does a post get curated on Steem or Hive using the stakes power?

Right now it is all geared towards Steem. It will be interesting to see how things unfold going forward.

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I read about some people on discord saying the steem had to be moved to an exchange to get cloned, but that sounds illogical. Gonna be a lot of rumors.

Great news [sarc] tonight at work, our Dept head lives in Ohio and works in Western Indiana... Well, he reportedly has Covid19, which would explain his absence for the last couple of days. I rarely even speak to him, and it's a different shift, but I'm hoping no one else spreads it.

If anything happens to me, at least @silverstackeruk has the keys to the account 🤣

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Pushing for an orca is still a good move as you'll earn that equivalent status on hive if reached before Friday.

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I am still ways off and the recent PUMP in steem prices (due to the buying, for the airdrop no doubt) has put it out of reach.

Our collective in SPI would or should honor our Steem Investments into the SPI tokens, and give us H-Vests and/or HIVE which will be airdropped to them in place of our STEEM that we traded for SPI.
I am the #1 hodler of SPI so my opinion will be pretty big. I'm sure most others will agree, and likely even the SPI operator is on board.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

As of right now, I certainly can't call Steem a failed blockchain. I agree that it will take some time to fully make that call.

In spite of spammy behavior and utterly inept leadership at the corporate level Steem plowed a lot of new ground. I sincerely hope that Hive can take the best and not just leave the worst behind, but not have even the smell of it around the new chain.

I'm guessing the future of Steem is soon to be in the hands of Justin Sun. I'm certainly not betting on the outcome there.


It is likely going to be difficult with him in charge since he has not shown the inclination to provide any leadership.

He is most likely going to collapse the chain, either out of vengeance or ignorance.

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Hi @taskmaster4450 , I just joined Hive but my wallet doesn't work!? any idea when it transfers over, thanks!👍✊✌

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.04.13 PM.png

I am not moving my steem to an exchange. I do not support the Tron take over. Steem Will Survive even if steemit does not.

Minnow question incoming: How do you make sure Hive is not overtaken by forces like Sun? :)

Aaaaand can't wait for Hive to be live!

What happens with Steem delegated? For example trough dlease when on hive?

Thank you for your insights, @taskmaster4450. I respect you and appreciate your opinion. Looking forward to working with you and others who value a decentralized platform in Hive. See you there!

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Hi @taskmaster4450 , I just joined Hive but my wallet doesn't work!? any idea when it transfers over, thanks!👍✊✌

I support the hard fork because it was inevitable and had been coming for a long time pre-Tron whether people want to admit or not. But that does not mean we need to act foolishly dumping steem, hive, and tribe tokens at a loss because we disagree with one faction or another.

Yes, I undelegated my Leo and Neoxag from spi group a few weeks ago but I did not dump them. In fact, I increased the amounts I hold and will continue to do so regardless of which blockchain they end up on because I am betting on those tribes and not their blockchain address. The same goes for other tribe tokens and curator tokens.

I will also hold some hive and steem, but will not be buying them while they are being pumped. If I am going to hold for the long term then I will hold on those bought at their lows.

After all, at 70, my long term horizon is not the same as someone at 45.

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