Could We See Open Source Phones In The Future?

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How big is the move away from the mega technology companies that presently control the Internet and, hence, most of the data? Is this something that only a few fringe people care about or is this something that is much bigger than many of us believe?

Obviously, there is no way of knowing until we see how things unfold in the future. However, decentralized will certainly offer some insight.

The challenge is that most people are accessing the Internet on a device that is controlled by mega-tech. If one is using a PC or laptop, the odds are they are in the realm of Microsoft. Of course, there is Apple with computers and IPhones. If one does do mobile but not Apple, Google is the overseer there.

There are a few who fall outside this realm and they are Linux users. The open source operating system has grown in usage over the last couple decades although it is still dwarfed by Microsoft and Apple. In the mobile world, there really is no choice other than Apple and Google.

This could be changing.

Pine64 is about to introduce its PinePhone which is much anticipated. It is going to be one of the first phones that is affordable and uses Linux as the operating system. This is a sharp contrast to the present state of the mobile phone industry.

Prices at $149, it is well within the price range of most people in the Western World. I would expect, if this takes off, for the prices to find lower levels as other manufacturers jump on board.

However, do not rush out and buy one. This is designed for developers. The phone comes without an operating system loaded on there. This means the average non-techie is going to be lost from the start.

That said, having a working product on the market which will allow developers to start working on applications is a fantastic step forward. This could close the gap rather quickly if many start to embrace this path. There are already a lot of applications designed for desktop Linux. It only stands to reason some of them will be adapted for mobile.

Pine64 has called the Brave Heart device a "milestone" for the company and the phone has certainly generated a lot of enthusiasm among developers. Although the early version of the Pine Phone is only shipping to the select few, the company says a consumer-ready version will be available from Spring 2020.

The manufacturer is also working on an open-source Linux tablet with a detachable keyboard, as well as on a smartwatch, so watch this space for more.

I often wonder if demographics are also working in favor of this shift. While the switch to open source is not easy, the younger generation, being more technologically inclined, is likely to have an easier time than the Baby Boomers. As those people to start to leave the work force, would could see a shift within the world of enterprise. This, of course, tends to spread outward to personal devices.

At the same time, with another 3+ billion people due to be added to the Internet in the next half decade or so, it stands to reason that they are prime to start the process using devices such as this.

It will be interesting to watch this shift. Microsoft is a company that is already transitioning to open source, believing that proprietary software is likely on its deathbed.

I think, at this point, it is obvious more options are starting to show up. This could certainly affect those companies that are dependent upon the control of data for their business model.

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It would be interesting to see blockchain companies jump on board.

Apps like Metamask, Brave, and others that claim to be trying to "decentralize" the web would be a great opportunity for them to be first to market.

While it may not be worth it for big names like Netflix and Facebook to develop on this Operating system. Minds, Pepeth, and even Esteem would probably make me get one of these phones. My Samsung is getting ready to be phased out in the next couple of years.

If this became a reality I could definitely see me getting one of these phones.