AME Crypto Tokens up for Private Sale! Get 1:1 Bonus and Free Token Drop! IEO listing within 4 months!!

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AME Tokens up for Private Sale! Get 1:1 Bonus and Free coin Drop! IEO listing within 4 months!!

AME Crypto Tokens are up for Private sale.

Private sale buyers Get 1:1 Bonus Tokens.

AME Tokens are planned to be listed in one of the top Crypto exchanges between October 2020- December 2020.

You could easily make 100% in less than 4 months.

Private sale ends soon.

You can buy AME Tokens using Bitcoin, ETH or XRP.

You can buy as low as 3000 AME Crypto Tokens.

Register yourself for the Token Drop here>>


AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient, and secure. AMEPAY eliminates the complexity, high-costs, and delays that are familiar to the present system and replaces it with a simple, affordable, and quick network.

AMEPAY empowers users to:


Powering AMEPAY is a transparent and decentralized blockchain infrastructure that also doubles up as a reliable database to store and share transaction records. Blockchain allows AMEPAY to pass on the following benefits to our stakeholders:

Lowcosts and greater revenue share for merchants
Simple, elegant and anonymous payments for users
Scalable, interoperable and future-ready technology for all
AMEPAY also factors in an in-built loyalty program that is intuitive, effective and efficient. Using this, merchants can attract value by channeling tangible and practical rewards directly to their customers.

Merchants can explore greater merit in AMEPAY through supplementary offerings such as hardware and software POS support, inventory management, data analytics and more.
Register yourself for the Token Drop here>>

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