CBI Update day 2


download (3).jpeg

Buyback price 0.102

Number of CBI 10000
Bought back 0
Remaining 10000

In a nutshell there is a 2% return after day one.
Buyback order is set for only half the tokens as i dont anticipate everyone selling.
I could be wrong and if everyone put a sell order at that price i would happily buy them all back.

Overall we are up buy significantly more so i have invested in some other tokens.
Tokens bought and logic behind purchasing:
10-20 steempower - this is for a longterm project to convert CBI from "collateral" backed investment into "curation" backed investment.
5000 tulip - this is a cool project and should give some good returns and will end at a similar time as CBI.
200000 epic(order pending) - this will get the account above 6m and will increase our portion of divs received.
2m gamer( order pending) - once again all about the divs this will give us a holding of 14m
20 tmps - this is a hiden beauty, not many people are aware of it. Holding the token gives you upvotes on your posts and dividend payouts (part of the ufm tribe)
5000 diamondtoken - a tribe which i dont know much about but has trading volume.

Feel free to sell at 2% profit.
I wouldnt 💪

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