Special £5 silver coin created to celebrate our NHS Heroes

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A silver coin dedicated to the work of NHS staff during the coronavirus crisis has been created. The £5 coin, approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is in recognition of the 'outstanding courage and bravery demonstrated' by NHS workers throughout the pandemic.


A total of 100% profit from every coin sold will be donated to NHS Charites Together Coronavirus Appeal.

What is on the coin?


The 2020 'NHS Heroes' silver coin design features a heart filled with the Union Jack and with the words #nhsheroes – the first time a hashtag has appeared on a coin. Surrounding the edge of the coin are the words Love, Care, Compassion, Strength.


The other side of the coin features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the face value of the coin (£5) and the year date 2020. Each #nhsheroes silver coin contains 1oz of 999 fine Silver.

'The coin is dedicated to every single NHS staff member and volunteer'

Chairman and managing director of The East India Company, Sanjiv Mehta said: “This coin is dedicated to every NHS Staff member and volunteer who has put their lives on the line during this incredibly frightening time.

"It has been created to recognise those people and celebrate their bravery and to demonstrate our heartfelt thanks to each of them.

"Donating 100 per cent of the profit from each coin purchased to these important charities is our way to give something back in return for their sacrifice."


The Governor of St Helena, Dr Philip Rushbrook added: "I’m pleased this coin is recognising the tremendous work of the doctors and nurses in the NHS.

As a NHS worker myself, to see a nice looking, silver coin being created for this occasion almost makes me want to buy it to support these charities. I am a little sceptic about how much money will actually be raised through the sales of these coins, and how much goes in to the pockets of these small independent mints....

I would also like to take this opportunity to honour the medical staff, UK Government and many other people who have also been preparing for the battle against the COVID-19 virus at this deeply concerning time.

How can I buy it?

The coin is available to order from THE "EAST INDIA COMPANY" HERE at £24.95 (plus P&P).

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Yes, Silver coins and rounds make excellent and valuable gifts. I took about twenty different one troy ounce coins & rounds, as gifts, to a Christmas Family Reunion. Each member chose their favorite one. With about five leftovers, I was surprised that a Perth Mint Koala & Kookaburra were not chosen. Everyone seemed to be delighted over their choice. Thanks for sharing and bringing back a good memory, WelshStacker.

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